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Colorado Springs

Activist group calls for transparency in “KILL EM ALL” CSPD investigation


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado Springs Oversight, an activist organization, is calling for more transparency in the investigation into social media comments about killing protestors allegedly posted by a Colorado Springs Police officer.

The comments in question that said "KILL THEM ALL" and "KILL EM ALL" were posted to KRDO's Facebook page during our stream of Black Lives Matter protesters blocking I-25 on June 30.

Colorado Springs Oversight leaders are frustrated with the lack of information publicly released about Colorado Springs Police Department's (CSPD) internal investigation into the matter.

“Outside of the article that you guys did on July 6, it’s been radio silence and nothing," Jasmine Marchman said.

On Thursday afternoon, Colorado Springs Police Department said it hasn't been "radio silent" on the issue as it continues to investigate the situation. The department told KRDO that any perception that the investigation is stalled or not being shared with the community is not true.

Activists disagree.

“The lack of urgency and transparency that’s been given to this situation is unacceptable. And it gives into this same police culture that is a danger to us as citizens of this community," Martin Lewis said.

Investigators say they took "every possible step" to figure out what happened while waiting to interview the accused officer when the officer returned from vacation.

CSPD has not verified if the Facebook account belonged to one of their officers but did acknowledge in a phone call with KRDO that some of the pictures on the profile were of a CSPD sergeant.

A CSPD spokesperson previously sent KRDO this statement about the comments.

"We immediately initiated an internal affairs investigation, as the nature of the alleged comments were inappropriate and unprofessional and do not reflect the values of the Colorado Springs Police Department. The subject of the complaint is currently on vacation; upon their return, they will be interviewed as part of the investigation into this allegation."

Activists are calling for the termination of the officer if CSPD confirms it is one of their officers behind the comments.

“If they do come to find it was an officer we’re calling for him to be terminated immediately. There is no wiggle room here. There is no excuses. There is no apologies, Marchman said. "We cannot have someone who is hired to serve and protect the people of this community who is threatening to kill them at the same time. It doesn’t work that way.” 

CSPD said it was aware of the demands for termination if it is one of their officers.

A spokesperson said:

"We are aware that some community members are demanding termination if it is found that one of our officers made that statement. We understand their concerns, but we will not speculate or guarantee a specific outcome in this or any type of investigation. An investigation has to take place, then the chain of command will review the investigation, and using all the applicable facts, determine discipline if it is found one of our officer's violated our policy."

Colorado Springs Oversight is urging community members to "flood" the emails and phone lines of Chief Niski and Mayor Suthers demanding action.

KRDO contacted Mayor Suthers' office for comment but have not yet heard back.

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Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



  1. Oooh, the investigation must be over right??

    I want to find out who this guy is too.
    So I can buy him a beer!

  2. Big deal. It is just a stud1d post by someone who was probably using a fake name.

  3. Interesting how the protesters don’t like someone saying kill them all but police are supposed to put up with the crap they yell at them while they destroy cities, kind of a double standard… Little snowflakes are melting.

  4. Investigate them for what? No law was broken. A post on a Facebook page is not a tangible threat. Plus, they said in as a generality and was not focused on one single person. No crime, just deflection.

  5. “Activists” in Pueblo were also recently demanding a Pueblo Deputy Sheriff be terminated over a short video clip of him holding a “Blue Kux Klan” button, until his body worn camera video came out showing that the activists handed the button to him just seconds before they made their video. It was all a big set up to frame him.

    Screw these “Activists.” I’ll wait until CSPD finishes their investigation.

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