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Mother of Zachary Sabin speaks out after father, stepmother arrested for son’s murder

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The mother of the 11-year-old who died in El Paso County earlier this year spoke out to the public after the boy's father and stepmother were arrested for first-degree murder.

Angela Tuetken, the biological mother of Zachary Sabin, and Matthew Tuetken, her husband and the boy's stepfather for seven years, read a statement Friday.
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Zachary Sabin was found dead March 11 with foam in his mouth after allegedly being forced to drink water to the point of intoxication. His father, Ryan Sabin, and stepmother, Tara Sabin, are facing multiple felony charges in connection with his death.

"I'll never be able to cuddle my Zach-aroni ever again," she said, fighting back tears. "I'll miss my Zach Attack's sweet nature. I will never be able to hear his contagious laugh. This is by far the hardest thing I've ever had to endure in my life. No parent should ever have to bury their child."

The Tuetkens said even in a family that includes a brother and eight half-siblings and step-siblings, Zachary stood out -- doing well in everything, such as music, cooking, video games, sports and reading.

"I remember going into his room many weeks after he passed, and finding a book still open to the last page he read, and tucked under his pillow," Matthew Tuetkens said. "He'd stay up late and use a flashlight in bed to read."

Beside the podium where the Tuetkens spoke was a picture of Zachary smiling during a trip to the Sand Dunes last year.

"That's one of my favorite pictures of him," his mother said. "We talked about making a special trip to Paris after he graduated from high school."

The couple spoke for ten minutes, and expressed some sympathy for the two family members now in jail and charged with murdering Zachary.

"Take a moment, hug your kids and keep them close to you," Matthew Tuetkens said. "And most importantly, if you are a struggling parent, don't be afraid to ask for help."

The Tuetkens said they want people to remember Zachary's life more than how he died.

Zachary was to start middle school this fall and celebrate his 12th birthday in September. He loved animals and wanted to be a veterinarian, zoologist or marine biologist when he grew up.

His family plans to have a celebration of life ceremony in the near future, so that his classmates can say goodbye. They were unable to because Zachary died around the same time schools were closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic -- which also left many of his own family members unable to attend his funeral.




  1. No one can attend Zachary’s funeral, but hundreds attended George Floyd’s funeral. Why? Is it because one is white and one is black? Or maybe one life was is worth more than the other.

    1. Why are you so mad at Black people??? Every comment of yours… Go down to the local protest and share that logic with the majority of white people that are protesting, then go to the protest in the other states that actually have a higher percentage of Blacks within their population and talk like this face to face with all of those angry protesters …. naw just a lonely coward behind a screen. A Guardian of Hatred is what you appear to be. I’m certain when George was alive and it was just the Pandemic you were pointing the finger at the Chinese or anyone the looked the slightest bit Asian…. maybe you still are… All lives matter Zachary’s, George’s, and even the people that took those lives still matter to someone out there. All the name’s of those that we never see or hear but were lost to the virus they matter and yours matters too Guardian. I’m not sure what pain is lying deep within your soul but blaming George or a few people of color here and there won’t help you and it won’t help Zachary’s family or friends right now.

  2. “Take a moment, hug your kids and keep them close to you,”

    Very good advice. Rest In Peace, Zachary. So sorry. Very sad. 😢

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