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George Floyd protests in Denver continue Saturday

DENVER (KRDO) -- For the third day straight, demonstrations took place in the streets of downtown Denver to protest the death of George Floyd, a black Minneapolis man killed in police custody. The rallies resumed at noon at the Capitol and began peacefully.

Things took a turn around 6 p.m. Police shot tear gas and pepperballs into the crowds after some people threw bottles and other objects at officers.

Some protesters and KRDO reporter Chelsea Brentzel were shot with rubber bullets.

In an attempt to return to peace, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock had announced in a press conference Saturday that the city would be enacting an 8 p.m. curfew until 5 a.m. each morning through Monday. The Colorado National Guard was called in to help enforce the measure.

However, the curfew did not stop protesters Saturday night. Police continued to clash with protesters throughout the rest of the night.

Some protesters set trash on fire around the city.

The protests began peacefully Thursday and Friday but turned violent as each evening wore on. Crowds and police clashed -- protesters threw objects at police and vandalized Colorado Senate property; police used tear gas and rubber bullets to contain the crowds. Some protesters were arrested.

On Friday, people marched along 16th Street to Civic Center Park before the situation devolved into riots later that afternoon.

WATCH Friday's march below:

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  1. It is so sad we just on the tail end of a deadly virus now protesters are destroying city,s everywhere .

  2. The looting and burning is the wrong way to go about protesting, however something drastic needs to be done about the bad police officers. While there are many really honorable cops, there are way too many criminal cops. An example needs to be made of Derek Chauvin. He should be charged with at least second degree murder. There is no reason to kneel on a person’s neck that is lying face down with their hands cuffed behind their back. A 10 year old could control a person in that position. The cop killed him intentionally. He needs to be put away for life in the general population where cops are super popular.

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