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Colo. Senate President Leroy Garcia’s truck vandalized during protests

DENVER (KRDO) -- As crowds took to the Colorado State Capitol Thursday to protest the death of George Floyd, a black Minnesota man who died in police custody after an officer knelt on his neck, vandalism and rioting took hold. Pueblo's own Leroy Garcia, Colorado Senate President, was one of the few who were still inside the Capitol when the protests grew.

"It was a peaceful demonstration that grew in frustration," Garcia told KRDO NewsChannel 13 Friday morning. "There was a reality that things changed here at the Capitol. I was here working late as I customarily do, and sadly saw all of this play out."

When the crowds grew in the late afternoon, Garcia says Colorado State Patrol advised the Senate President not to leave. The protesters were congregating around the parking lot, including his black GMC Sierra pick-up truck.

The tires on the senator's truck were slashed, and the windows were broken in. Garcia says there were at least two other vehicles, including a CSP cruiser that fell victim to vandalism.

Garcia was led out of the Capitol to safety through the tunnel system by Colorado State Patrol.

"I never believe anyone should become violent or damage property," said Senator Garcia. "But with that being said, I approach things from addressing the root cause."

Garcia says police brutality is a common theme in communities across the nation, and these aggressive protests are a response to inaction by law enforcement to hold their own officers and deputies accountable.

"Without addressing the behaviors of officers left with zero accountability," said Garcia. "Sadly we will have more situations like this."

Garcia believes it starts by looking in our own backyards, including Pueblo and Pueblo County.

"There are good officers and bad apples," said Garcia. "We have an obligation to root out those that are eroding the profession and allowing for the distrust to grow."

Garcia's truck is currently in the possession of the Colorado State Patrol because it had to be towed due to the slashed tires.

The General Assembly plans to reconvene on Monday. Until then, Garcia says he wants his colleagues to reflect on what is taking place in the United States and to take action on the issue of police brutality when they reconvene.

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Dan Beedie

Dan is a reporter with the 13 Investigates team. Learn more about Dan here.



    1. Although I don’t agree with what they are doing, I think in the long run we will find out these protests are being funded by someone or some political party….. People showed up in pueblo yesterday not even from Pueblo to protest, why is that?

  1. They clearly don’t think black trucks lifes matter.

    I just love it when the left turns on itself so, entertaining to watch.

    Protesters sic were a bunch of losers.

  2. As the king says, it all started with a possible fake federal reserve note

  3. What makes these’protesters’ THINK that ‘protesting’ anywhere But the city of The Occurrence, has any effect? All it seems is just a number of people taking ANY EXCUSE to Steal and Destroy other people’s property, Acting like THUGS(defined as a violent person, especially a criminal or a murderer, robber or other criminal)! I see Savages, not people.

    1. There actions speak louder than words…. They say they aren’t criminals and thugs and blame police for acting as such but yet they are the ones destroying the areas they live in… What a bunch of knuckle heads.

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