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All Hobby Lobby locations in Colorado Springs close after KRDO report

Hobby Lobby closes

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- All Hobby Lobby locations in Colorado Springs have shut down less than 24 hours after KRDO reported they were open despite the Public Health Order for non-essential businesses to shut down amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

On Tuesday afternoon, a phone call to the 8th Street location confirmed the store was closed but didn't say why.

A sign on their front doors read, "To our customers, based on the Gov. of Colorado's mandatory stay at home order, we are closed. We will reopen when the mandatory order if lifted per the state of Colorado. We thank you for understanding. Hobby Lobby."

Phone calls to the other two locations on Powers and Barnes and Woodmen and Academy went unanswered.

On Monday, dozens of shoppers were seen going into the store. KRDO questioned a store-manager who referred us to corporate number that went unanswered.

The El Paso County Department of Health said, "Hobby Lobby has voluntarily agreed to close based upon Public Health’s interpretation that they are not a Critical Business as defined in the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment’s Public Health Order 20-24.”

Both emails to Hobby Lobby's corporate office have not been returned.

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Krystal Story



  1. Did you ever consider the implications of what your crusade against hobby lobby would cause?

    What about people that are attempting to sew masks and need supplies. What about people that use crafts for psychological therapy / emotional support. What about the parents that need supplies to home school their kids?
    Do you not care about how people are going to cope through the month of April? The same arguments you made about hobby lobby could be made about liquor and pot shops. I believe that the state did not give you the opportunity to go after them.
    This month is going to be hard on people and you just helped make it harder for some.

    1. Yep. I couldn’t agree more. And yet liquor stores and pot shops that fuel addictions but that lobby our government so heavily are conveniently deemed “essential.” And Planned Parenthood, let’s not forget them! While this country and it’s medical professionals are struggling to save lives, PP is hard at work, business as usual using valuable PPE to END HUMAN LIFE with abortions. And our Governor could not care less. I am ashamed of this state that I call my home, and I am ashamed of our country, doubling down on the value of money over human life. We must all repent, and believe in and place our faith in the gospel, right now. All of my extended family is in NY. Their numbers are about to be that of Italy and Spain. And the rest of the country will follow soon after. But sure, let’s shut down Hobby Lobby and other businesses making a contribution in a crisis. Shut down Catholic Charities next, and Springs Rescue Mission and the people feeding hungry children who depend on school lunch. Shameful.

    2. You make a good point. All businesses are considered to be critical by at least some. The distinction is not based on public safety.

    3. Dont act like Hobby lobby having to close like everyone else had to is the end of the world, or that everyone going there was making masks or meeded their crafting fix.
      El Paso county and COS in particular have been HORRIBLE about the stay at home mandate.
      Its business as usual for this town and everyone’s out acting like they have an excuse to be out. If you want to curb spread of the virus, stay home.
      You should be stocked up on everything you need anyway, and stores like Hobby Lobby have online shops where you can still get what you think you need and not have to come in contact with the public.
      People in this town need to stop being so damn selfish and/or oblivious about this virus. COS is a powderkeg right now.
      Stay the eff home.

    4. I am so glad you put this on here. I do crafts all the time and I went to go yesterday and they were closed I live in Wisconsin but a lot of people make in it and deal with this by sewing and crafting and jewelry making so what’s wrong with you people closing them down they need to be open to help us.

  2. This organization is so shady. I’ll never understand why people still shop here.

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  4. Crusade? This corporation, as well as it’s stores,does not meet the requirements laid out by the State to be considered a “Critical Business”.

  5. We have been buying mask materials from Jo Ann’s and Hobby Lobby, now both closed. Liquor stores are deemed critically essential but wearing a mask is not. The news pushed for closure of Hobby Lobby just as they promulgated no need for wearing masks for the public. Shameful and irresponsible.

      1. You’re all about stay home but forget that many citizens are ordered to work and don’t rely on public assistance. To top it off wearing a mask is responsible yet there are ignorant citizens not wearing a mask and spreading the virus unknowingly as they show no symptoms. Maybe you should study a subject before being like the ignorant media and spreading mis information like…”You don’t need a mask!”

        1. No one here has said “you dont need a mask!”
          I simply gave you the link to the hobby lobby website.
          Use it.
          By the way, Im an employee who has been “ordered to work”, and Im very thankful that Im still working. I also see people out every day that dont need to be out.
          Going out and mingling in public is the exact opposite of what we should be doing to slow down the spread of this virus. Its working in other states and other countries.
          This isnt a conspiracy or a threat to your rights to go out and spend money. This is a genuine pandemic, and we all need to keep each other safe.
          Stay home. Order your crafting needs online.
          I do.

          1. Making a mask is just a hobby craft that isn’t needed? Again you shouldn’t pretend your a medical professional. My whole family is considered essential services and if we cannot make our own protective gear we won’t have it. Suggesting ordering supplies online takes more time than buying it in 15 minutes. Shame on you for needing a liquor store open but downplaying protective clothing. You’re obviously one of the fools not wearing a mask because no one needs one or the stores that help create them.

  6. Wake me up when the slavery and the rules of the nwo become to much and people revolt. Im ready to take arms against everyone who finds this shit acceptable.

  7. Yes, well, even Hobby Lobby has to do what they’re told. Better late than never. For all of y’all whining about the liquor stores being open, a quick question: have you ever seen someone who suddenly withdrew from long term alcohol use? Shakes, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, seizures and death are possible. I wouldn’t equate craft supplies with that kind of essential product. And not everyone is being a mask-making hero, so don’t even try.

    1. What a joke. Having a beer is more important than making medical grade masks for people in need. Shame on you.

  8. Boycott Hobby Lobby for the Rest of Your Life! We used to go there all the time before this.Never will be walk in again. There is a Hobby Lobby open for all you crocheters and quilters! It’s called Walmart. At least they’re taking the temp of all their employees and providing bacteria blocking agents for them to surround themselves with!

  9. How many jobs and homes did KRDO cost people? If you actually do the math, instead of listening to the scare tactics of the media, the chances of catching this virus is very low, dying far lower.

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