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Colorado Governor addresses gun violence in schools after tragedy at Texas Elementary School


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- While Colorado Governor Jared Polis was in Pueblo Friday signing multiple bills into law, he talked about what laws and resources are in place to ensure children are protected from gun violence in schools.

Since an 18-year-old in Uvalde, Texas killed 19 children, there have been three incidents involving guns or threats made to Colorado schools.

Wednesday, a 14-year-old was arrested for making shooting threats to Casey Middle School in Boulder. Thursday, Northfield High School was placed on lockdown after a paintball gun was found on campus. Two suspects were taken into custody in that incident, according to police. Friday, a juvenile in Pueblo was arrested for being in possession of a handgun near East High School.

In all three incidents, there were no injuries reported.

"Colorado takes school safety very seriously," Polis said. "What we want to look at is data based solutions."

Polis told KRDO that Colorado legislators are devoting millions of dollars to the issue. He hopes that putting money into the hands of local school districts will aid in the effort.

"It's up to school districts how they use that, but doing things like making sure that there is a single point of entry, exits, safety rooms," Polis said.

The Governor mentioned Colorado's Red Flag Law, which helps identify who needs help and what resources are at their disposable.

"If somebody is in a mental health crisis, and they are over 18, it provides a way that the parents, for instance, can temporarily remove guns from their kid if they are worried about their 18 or 19-year-old," Polis said. "If the kid is under 18, 17 or under, the parents can do that on their own. That's their ability to do that as parents."

There have been multiple laws passed in the 2021 Colorado Legislative Session to address gun violence. Colorado Senate President Stephen Fenberg told our news partner in Denver that outlawing assault rifles throughout the state is not out of the question.

"We could pass an assault weapon ban at the state level. I support that, but is that going to save the most lives? Probably not," Fenberg said. "There are probably already tens of thousands of assault weapons already here, and you drive an hour and a half north and purchase them."

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Sean Rice

Sean is a reporter based out of Pueblo for KRDO. Learn more about him here.



  1. NO way will I give up any gun I own. It is not the responsible gun owner who is causing problems…stop blaming guns and start looking at the problems, parents who aren’t involved in their Childs life.

    1. Until someone can come up with a magic way of keeping guns out of the hands of undiagnosed mentally ill people, mâssacres like this will continue to happen. The only solution would be to completely outlaw guns in our country, and we know that will never happen as long as people believe that our “rights” written in the days of flintlock rifles still apply to 3D printed guns and 800 rounds/min âssault weapons of mâss destruction.

      1. The second amendment was written so the people could have the same weapons as a tyrannical government.

        1. The second amendment was written ambiguously, so it’s not clear whether a well-regulated Militia or people in general should be able to bear arms. And nowhere does it state anything about the types of arms, because they just didn’t know what was coming.

          1. If the need arises for the people to form a militia, how do they do so if they don’t have guns?

        2. Thank you. Hunting and self-defense are great, but the Second Amendment was written to prevent the U.S. turning into the Soviet Union, Cambodia, or Rwanda, where many children were killed as government forces (or their unofficial allies) murdered civilians unable to put up any fight. If this were just about hunting and self-defense, I’d be all for serious gun restrictions.

      2. Thankfully our forefathers had more foresight and wisdom than libs like you! Governments have killed more of their own people than all the wars in the world combined!

        1. Tyrannical governments are not those elected to serve the people. So how does that apply to our country?

          1. When Trump was in office, you were crying “he’s a tyrant”. Biden has shown he’s much more than Trump ever was.

          2. What makes you think that the thing that has happened in almost every country in the world, a challenge to representative democracy by a powerful elite with weapons, can’t happen here? Do you think Americans are just naturally immune to tyranny? Now, if we volunteer for it, guns won’t help us one bit. But they can at least help prevent its imposition on an unwilling populace.

      3. Are you kidding me Check. I had garnered some respect for you in the past few months and agreed with some of your posts…some of them but not all of them. And now you post this…sad Check. Let me ask you…what if you are the first target of the criminal or mentally ill person who illegally gets a weapon and it will happen if guns are outlawed. You know the old saying…”If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns”. You disappoint me…but hey…that’s my stuff! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend remembering those who served and died for this country and for those who were killed and murdered by criminals and the mentally ill.

        1. Yes, it’s people relying on old sayings and trying to ignore changes in the world that cause many of the today’s problems. The Founding Fathers were great people for their time, but they could not predict the future any better than you or I. And I’m betting they would be the first to admit their lack of foresight and that appropriate changes now need to be made to maintain the peace they had hoped for.
          I have known many people who died on battlefields for our country, as well as some who have died at the hands of criminals while they were trying to protect the public. Those are people I will remember this weekend. How many have you known?

          1. Many many many and many more…you just keep sticking to your narrative. Every war as I can remember has taken a life of family members. My family members and friends have gladly served and died for their country. And the ones who came back home alive served the country also. I have had family members die in the line of duty as police. You want to keep going with this Check. Patriot you are not!

          2. Don’t confuse being a patriot or not with having different views. I thought we had cleared that up earlier. But now you’re making the same mistake again, believing that everyone who disagrees with you is not a patriot. That’s yet another sign of ignorance, because of not knowing why people think they do, and respecting the fact that different people have different opinions. My opinion on gun control is obviously not the same as yours. But DON”T EVER ACCUSE ME OF BEING UNPATRIOTIC, or you’re just demonstrating stupidity rather than just ignorance.

          3. Hey Check..I just called you a non-patriot and I believe it and your narrative and supreme arrogance attest to that fact. Sure from what you said you served…doesn’t make you a patriot. We never cleared up anything about your status as a patriot or not. It has nothing to do with agreement or disagreement Check…it has to do with what comes out of your brain to your fingers nothing more nothing less. And just because you say and call me ignorant does not make it so…only in your mind is it so! Have a nice rest of your weekend.

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