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CSPD officer-involved shooting near Palmer Park under investigation

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The El Paso County Sheriff's Office is investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened Thursday near Academy Blvd. and Maizeland Road.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, officers found a car suspected to be involved in a string of bank robberies. During the interaction at Palmer Park, the suspect and an officer fired their weapons.

The suspect was hit and was given medical attention. According to CSPD, no officers were injured.

At this time, investigators aren't looking for additional suspects.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office took over the investigation. At this time, CSPD had no further information.

This is a developing story.

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  1. Was he kicked in the head and shoulders by one of the officers while the other officers were placing the suspect in restraints and providing life saving techniques?
    The DA’s office stated the shoot was good, but said nothing about the officer attempting to punt the suspect while 4 other officers were placing the suspect in restraints and providing life saving techniques.
    1:22 seconds on the video.

    1. Nice try at sensationalizing a completely false narrative. They were obviously restraining an individual who was rolling in a stolen vehicle and then attempting to use a rifle to threaten the public. He was stopped before he could commit more felonies and subsequently died. Officers were not performing life saving techniques before it was safe to do so.

      1. Um no. The suspect was holding himself hostage with his rifle and moving towards a potential new hostage. LE gave commands he did not comply. LE shot suspect because he threatened the life of another. 4 officers place suspect in restraints, pat him down for additional weapons and begin providing life saving techniques. All good so far. You can see on the video the rifle the suspect was in possession of was already separated from his immediate area 1:10 officer is kicking gun away from area. Then at 1:22, this is where CSPD fails. Officer with long-rifle comes over and begins kicking the suspect in the head and shoulders region, 3-4 kicks.
        Your glossing over on the facts is exactly why you are wrong, it happened on video, you can watch it yourself. The problem you are exhibiting is you believe that it is perfectly legal for law enforcement to execute someone for non-compliance. And if that were the case then why is law enforcement required to provide life saving techniques after they shoot a suspect? Your reply only demonstrated that you do not know the laws, which only further discredits your opinion on this topic.

        1. It’s impossible to tell what the officer was doing in your video. You can’t clearly see his feet.

          But good job trying to stir the pot.

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