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Colorado Springs house with vulgar graffiti, rotting meat, broken windows, disastrous deck: $590K

churchill court photos

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- It's full of vulgar graffiti spray-painted on nearly every surface; windows are broken and left strewn inside and out; the back deck is so damaged it's not even properly attached to the house; oh, and did we mention the non-functioning freezer full of year-old rotting meat?

It could all be yours in a Colorado Springs "dream" home that just went on the market this week -- for $590,000.

There's a story behind the dream nightmare home, and the humorous posting by local realtor Mimi Foster Feith is attracting internet notoriety and genuine interest.

Foster says she's had the house in her possession for a year and a half but just recently listed it as she was previously trying to have her insurance cover the damage.

Foster said she woke up to a call from the Washington Post Wednesday, and that's when she realized her tongue-in-cheek listing had gone viral.

According to Mimi Foster Feith, the home in the southwest side Broadmoor Bluffs neighborhood was "once the seller's pride and joy," but it was left in disarray by an "angry departing tenant who didn't want to pay rent." The damage happened in 2020, but the house was listed for sale in its current condition this week.

The pictures are worth 1,000 words, but they'll probably leave you speechless. See the gallery below. (Warning some of the images contain explicit imagery.)

Foster Feith says that the former tenants trashed the place, but they also left a freezer in the basement full of meat and it hasn't had electricity over the past year.

"So be sure to wear your mask," the listing says. "Not for anyone else's protection, but your own. You may not be able to endure the smell if you don't."

Despite the obvious flaws, and partially due to the humorous listing, the property is attracting potential buyers.

"I thought it was hilarious, and I'm in the market to do fix and flips and stuff like that so I had to absolutely come see it," said potential buyer Aaron Lawless. "It's a wreck, but it's gonna make some money for someone."

Woven in between the gag-worthy, cringe-inducing notes about the destruction, Foster Feith highlights the potential of the home in one of the hottest housing markets in the country:

  • "As you enter, there are soaring ceilings and an open floor plan with a second-floor overlook."
  • "The floorplan is wonderful and open. The main floor has a living room, dining room, kitchen with dining area, family room with fireplace, laundry, and main floor bedroom and bath."
  • "The upstairs has a catwalk, large master with soaking tub and dual sinks, plus two additional bedrooms and bath"

Just don't go out on the back deck since it's "not necessarily attached to the house in the manner you might hope." If you do survey the area, the listing does give the heads up that the property is in a risky area for geological landslides.

But even despite the daunting cleanup job in store for whoever ends up buying the house, booking times to view the home were snagged on Redfin throughout the day, indicating there may be genuine interest in buying the house as-is.

"You have to laugh," Foster Feith says, "Otherwise it's kind of sad."

The house is on Churchill Court. You can see the listing for yourself at this link.

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  1. RealityCheck approves of what happened to this house. That is how much if a scumbag she is.

  2. And THIS is a reason that people don’t want to rent out houses. People got plenty of govt money to pay rent and they tried to skate. Beautiful home trashed by assholes and it falls back on the owner to collect. BS

  3. The tenant should go to jail, but I’m sure he is painting himself as the victim, when all he is is a dirt bag. I feel sorry for the next unsuspecting land lord.

  4. No matter what the landlord did, putting money in escrow has been around way before covid. Dems just pander to adult age children, and we have a whole lot in Colorado. 5k to repaint a 500k+ is a drop in the bucket when you can’t even find a house..and it’s 500k because no one can compete with the government paying everyone’s rent, they have infinite money to pay it with. They don’t have to work for it, you do. But you elected them so you could all smoke pot and get attention for mutilated genitals

  5. Call the police. This is over and above what a security deposit is used for. It’s called criminal mischief and looking at the damage, it would be a felony.

  6. People wonder why there are not more rental houses out there. This is exactly why. I know a lady who owns 8 properties and of them 4 were trashed during the last year by tenants who were evicted for not paying rent for over 5 months due to covid. So they got a free place to stay for 6 months as no one will reimburse her and that is her thanks by the tenants. This is what is wrong with entitlement. There become no respect for anything that is not yours.

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