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COVID-19 vaccine recipients struggle to verify eligibility for Colorado’s $1 million drawings

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — After 13 Investigates exposed a flaw in Colorado’s COVID-19 vaccine lottery for people vaccinated through the military or Veterans Affairs, dozens of people with no military affiliation report they’re also having trouble finding their vaccine records in the state’s system.

“I want a shot at the million dollars too,” said Josanna Adamson-Cauler.  

She was vaccinated at the same time and place as her husband, who is showing up in the database, but she’s not.

The State is using immunization data authorized by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to choose the winners.

“I went to the link that you guys provided in your story,” she said. "I put my name in there as Josanna Adamson-Cauler with a hyphen. Josanna Adamson Cauler without a hyphen, with a space, without a space, and my birth date and social security number and it stills says that they can’t find my records.”

13 Investigates asked the State what people in this situation can do to verify eligibility. According to CDPHE:

“Providers are required to report every vaccination to CIIS and we are confident they have entered the vast majority of doses. Providers and vaccine clinics have reported over 5.7 million COVID-19 doses into CIIS. For example, thousands of people have reached out to CDPHE to confirm that their record is in the database because they could not find it through the portal, and of that group, 99% were in the database already. If someone cannot find their record through the portal, it does not mean they are not in the database. We have 10 staff members dedicated to ensuring the data is accurate. 

The primary issue is connected to a mismatch between how the provider entered an individual’s information in the database and how individuals are entering it in the portal. All fields for name, date of birth, gender, address, email and/or phone number must match exactly or the portal will not find the record. If there is a typo in the CIIS entry, the individual still is eligible for the drawing. Anyone having difficulty accessing their information can contact their vaccine provider to determine how the information was entered or contact the CIIS Help Desk.

We want all eligible Coloradans to get vaccinated so they can be entered in the five upcoming drawings. Individuals now scheduling their appointment should pay careful attention to the personal information they submit for their appointment or give to their vaccine provider, and can double-check its accuracy before it is submitted. That will minimize issues if they choose to confirm their vaccine records in CIIS.”

Spokesperson, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

People can reach the CIIS Help Desk at 303-692-2437 and choose option 2, or 1-888-611-9918 and press option 1. Adamson-Cauler told 13 Investigates she called the first phone number listed through the CIIS Help Desk and got a voicemail recording asking her to then send an email.

Wednesday, the State pushed back its deadline for Colorado Comeback Cash eligibility. Originally set for Tuesday, June 1, people vaccinated now have until Thursday, June 4 at midnight to make sure they’re eligible for Friday’s first million-dollar drawing.

Adamson-Cauler hopes she hears back from the Help Desk by then. If not, she’s calling on the governor to postpone the first drawing.

“Governor Polis: I voted for you, but I think you’re wrong on this one," she said. "If you’re going to do it, you need to wait until everyone who’s registered is eligible."

People can check eligibility for the vaccine lottery, officially called Colorado Comeback Cash, through this link.

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Lauren Barnas

Lauren is an anchor and MMJ for KRDO and 13 Investigates. Learn more about Lauren here.



  1. I can’t find myself and I got my vaccination at the World Arena. Stop whining and get on with your life. You don’t qualify because you got vaccinated by the Feds.

    1. You’re third sentence is completely wrong. All Colorado residents that have received at least one COVID-19 vaccination shot is eligible for this sweepstakes. There are no restrictions as to where, or by whom, the shot is administered. The one restriction that I have found is that you must be a Colorado resident, and not a resident of another state (or country, for that matter).
      For what its worth, my wife and I both received our vaccinations on Ft Carson. I have verified that I am in fact registered for this drawing, while my wife has yet to show up on the on-line list. One way or another, though, she will be in this week’s drawing.

    2. Stay in your basement Alexi….it will keep us safe from your “shot” (fake vaccine) ridden body of poison. And your threats to do bodily harm to those who don’t support your views.

    3. I’m more interested in where the money for this is coming from…what tax fund? Is this part of the covid recovery money for the state and if so is it misappropriation of funds?

  2. Government creating a bunch of unnecessary busy work. They should have required the vaccination for federal Covid relief stimulus checks, but they already went out.

    1. oh, I see just strong-arm people. A lot of that stimulus money went to food utilities.

      so if you don’t take this shot, then you can just suffer and go to the food bank.

      I can’t believe you are so narrow-minded.

    1. That question was already answered in another comment here. It does not, because the funding didn’t come from state taxes, but from a federal grant.

  3. “The primary issue is connected to a mismatch between how the provider entered an individual’s information in the database and how individuals are entering it in the portal.”
    People with hyphenated last names often run into this type of problem, because it’s never clear how to enter them consistently. I’m betting Ms. Adamson-Cauler is in the database in a different format from that of her husband’s name (assuming he also goes by a hyphenated name) because they were entered by different people with different opinions about the format. Perhaps they treated the first part of her last name as a middle name, since it seems like she didn’t consider that option.

  4. We must get rid of Polis.
    Now he is giving Professional Licenses to illegals. Vaccines are just to distract us from his unconstitutionality. He needs to be held accountable for him giving our state to illegal aliens and we pay the enormous taxes he keeps raising.

    1. Just do your research before hiring a professional. There’s a federal move to get unqualified people into medical school and onto hospital boards, if that isn’t scary I don’t know what is. Holding on to my properly trained doctor and dentist as long as they practice.

  5. It is overtime to get rid of Polis.
    Now he is giving Professional Licenses to illegals. Vaccines are just to distract us from his unconstitutionality. He needs to be held accountable for him giving our state to illegal aliens and we pay the enormous taxes he keeps raising.

  6. Ethically the government should not be using money to incentivize getting a medical procedure. Especially with the carrot of 1 million dollars.
    What next…..just like Europe back in the 40’s, we will give you money to sterilize yourself.
    My other objection is that they just came out, even Fauci, and found that people who had the virus and recovered have better immunity to COVID than people who get the shot. Can people who have the antibodies be included??? Nope why? Because Big Pharma gets paid for every dose delivered and they want all the money they can by putting out false claims of, “We hope and anticipate the vaccine is more effective or equal to natural antibodies.” Hope….. Months of more data and ummm they were/are wrong. They say it couldn’t hurt if you get the shot after already having the virus it might help. Turns out it doesn’t help those who already have natural antibodies.
    I have looked and keep looking and Surprise. The biggest group putting out “data” on their vaccines are the pharmaceutical companies. So the maker of the shot is giving incomplete data as to better sell their product as safe and effective. As more data comes out…. Big Pharmas data looks really bad and you can tell they were on a mission for profit.

    1. there is something really wrong when you have to bribe people to take an EUA injection.
      WHat is the real drive behind this? Interestingly if you go to youtube and search for Bill Gates TED talk done in 2015, you will see he is using the token coronavirus picture as his background,, and talks about pandemics and population control. This is highly relevant-how far does this mindset and being friends with Fauci and giving millions of $$ to NIH (Fauci’s plum) tie into today- NOT A COINCIDENCE TO ME.

  7. I’ve believed all along that this virus was leaked from a lab. However, I’ve never believed that this was an accident. I think this whole thing was planned carefully and well in advance as a test. I believe it was released on purpose as a bio-weapon to decrease the population some and to deal a devastating blow to the world’s economy (especially in the U.S.), but more importantly to take away many of our rights and test the limits of just how much control and oppression people were willing to tolerate. I’m sure the evil powers that be are pleased overall with the disgustingly high number of sheeple who blindly bought into the fear mongering and stealing of their rights. And now, with this fake “vaccine”, they’re moving forward with their plan to destroy and control the masses. >:(

    Regarding the power structure (elitists and liars), you are right. We see what they want us to see – and the lame stream corporate media will always control the narrative. It is naive, to believe that we will even make a dent in the control that is exerted over humanity, on a daily basis – unless the international lawyers can win over the courts; which begs the question: Will the courts do the right thing; or are they all paid off, just like every other governing body? With all the good people (doctors, scientists, lawyers and researchers) working on humanity’s behalf, who have all been banned, censored and de-platformed, doing their best to get the TRUTH out – exactly what has changed for the better?

    We should not be focused on the “Deadly Virus”; which at worst, has affected only a small subset of the population (I’ll say it again; look around you and try to find one person who is dying from covid!). Have we forgotten how conveniently the colds and flu have disappeared, during this FRAUD? I’ve had people tell me that they have a friend or family member who was sick from, or “died” from covid. I assert that this is a lie – They were “told” by the “health authorities” that this was the case. There is a huge difference! There are millions of us who have taken no measures to “protect” ourselves from this “Deadly Virus”; and yet, none of us are sick…anyone care to explain that one?!

    And please Check refute as always. Your comments always give me joy! I just love trolls and haters!

  8. Yes! !!!
    Everyone get vaccinated!!
    We need you to add to the stats for the long term clinical studies due out in however many years before the well-informed actually begin to think about getting this whatever it is.

    We may never get it until more and more people make the ultimate sacrifice, I mean get a chance to win money by putting this substance in them.

    Do it for your family. Do it for your neighbors. Do it for $1 million dollars!

    1. I find it ironic that people won’t eat genetically modified foods but line up to shoot stuff into their bodies that genetically alters their immune systems. Go figure.

  9. This is ILLEGAL by ALL standards!!!! This database is to be used for MEDICAL reasons ONLY! Not for some STUPID AND RIDICULOUS “LOTTERY” to give people money that SHOULD be going toward things like making the roads better in Colorado! This is a HIPPA violation! Just like some in the law are trying to force people to prove they received the vaccine goes not only against HIPPA, but against our rights as individuals and humans. If you all don’t STOP this CRAP RIGHT NOW, you’re going to be hating the life you will be living in a very short time. STOP HANDING OVER YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION FOR A BRIBE!!!!!

  10. Anyone dumb enough to be bribed for a shot that is experimental is dumb enough to not do any research before allowing this junk science in their body. Only when they themselves gets sicker than they would have from the flu will they get it why they had to be bribed to get the shot. It isn’t a vaccine.

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