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40,000+ vaccinated through DoD or VA in El Paso County not listed as eligible for Colorado’s vaccine lottery

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- 13 Investigates received numerous messages from Coloradans who said they tried looking for themselves in the database of vaccine recipients who are eligible for the state's COVID-19 vaccine lottery but didn’t find themselves listed.

It turns out the issue is with how vaccine data is reported by the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Earlier this week, Gov. Jared Polis said anyone who's received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose would be eligible for the state's five drawings for $1 million. The state is using immunization data authorized by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to choose the winners. We provided information on how to check eligibility earlier Thursday at this link.

13 Investigates learned later Thursday that more than 46,000 El Paso County residents are currently ineligible to win a million dollars despite getting the vaccine. We learned from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment that the issue stems from how the data is reported to the state.

"Large federal entities-- like the VA, like DOD, and like Bureau of Prisons --do not report patient-level data to our system," said Heather Roth with CDPHE.

As for the FEMA site at Pueblo's Colorado State Fairgrounds, those vaccine recipients are currently eligible for the lottery. Roth says the CDPHE gathers the site's patient information because it is still a community site despite being funded by the federal government.

"I used your link on your story to see if my shots were registered; lo and behold, it wasn't," Wayne Morris told KRDO Thursday.

Morris showed that he got his shots back in January at Fort Carson, but he's concerned he won't have a shot at the million dollars.

Anjanette Pettigrew and her husband are in the same boat, having received their vaccination shots from the VA. Pettigrew said the data disconnect between the state and federal agencies is "an oversight."

CDPHE tells us they're working on a solution.

"We are exploring a method I think will solve this issue," said Roth. "We are considering amending the lottery drawing rules. Specifically for VA and DOD members, so their data doesn't need to exist in the CIIS. So long as it exists in the VA and DOD system."

It's unclear when this solution will be implemented. CDPHE said those impacted won't need to opt-in or sign up for lottery if the VA or DOD possess their vaccine records.

Gov. Polis previously said residents will need to be in the immunization database by June 1 to be eligible. CDPHE says vaccine recipients need to check in with their federal vaccine providers to see if they are eligible for the lottery.

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Dan Beedie

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  1. Colorado Sweepstakes and Contest Laws
    In Colorado, you cannot require the purchase of a product for contest entry, even if contest winners are selected based on skill. Additionally, if someone does purchase a product/service from the entity offering the sweepstake or contest, that entrant will receive no higher consideration for winning.

    1. The law also states: No contest or sweepstakes is allowed to require people to make a purchase or provide other forms (vaccination status) of consideration in order to enter the promotion.

  2. Some military who have been vaccinated here are not Colorado Citizens they are just passing through or on temp assignment. So then you hear, “Private Smith from Texas who lives in Texas wins the Colorado vaccine lottery”…..
    The vaccine lottery is illegal and will be challenged in court. The state will lose. The money they say they are using would of gone to “vaccine advertisement and public service announcements.” This money was allocated to purchase goods and services to the purpose stated above. It CANT be reallocated as a gift or a prize under TABOR Law!

    1. You’re wrong on two counts. First, only Colorado residents are eligible for the prizes. That has been clearly pointed out in previous articles, as well as in press conferences. Second, the prize monies come from Federal funds allotted to Colorado for COVID-19 relief, not directly from Colorado taxpayers, and as such are not affected by TABOR. How the State utilizes these funds is up to them.

  3. NEVER bow to those who knowingly are unscrupulous. The pharma is on its way out because people now know from many websites that drugs kill, whereas good quality supplements will improves ones life. It is criminal and unconscionable to be killing knowledge, but truth is not complicated and the internet cannot be switched off. Those who act out of moral duty and those who possess the moral courage will not be defeated. The people have spoken!

    With all of the corruptness, lies, manipulation, and deceit that is quickly suffocating TRUTH, our work and endeavors are a true light that offers hope in a world of growing darkness. GOD bless all of you and those who stand with you. I pray that His protection, love and grace surround you.

    1. Since you admit that truth is not complicated, why do you continue to ignore it?
      You are apparently continuing to bow to those who are known to be unscrupulous.

  4. I say don’t include them due to most if not all were not really affected by the virus that much. DoD personnel continued to work and draw paychecks, etc.

  5. It may seem unfair or unreasonable to say, but the most dangerous people in the world today are the great masses of humanity who are completely clueless about what is happening. World War III is proceeding apace with their dead-weight ignorance as the great enabler of tyrants. The numbers are irrefutable: billions of informed people cannot possibly be controlled by a tiny minority of so-called elites; only billions of ignorant, indifferent or distracted people can be so controlled. This allows schemers and their conspiracies to gestate in darkness, where they grow and spread like a cancer.

    But isn’t that pervasive ignorance the fault of captured media, education and government? Yes, to a point, but we should not be so quick to lay all the blame there. The cost is too great. The entire premise of our Western institutions rests upon the responsibility of free citizens who are informed and vigilant. If even a single person on this forum is informed of the tyrannical machinations underway, then that means the information is available. Anyone, at this stage of events, who is still believing CNN or the WHO or Fauci (the phony) is hopelessly passive or gullible at best, or criminally lazy and derelict in their duty at worse. Is anyone still convinced of Mark Zuckerberg’s “sincerity” when he testifies to Congress, showcasing his creepy faux-cooperativeness and politeness as if the expressions of a recently arrived space alien still trying to figure how to operate his humanoid form?

    Evil is going to do what it does. It should be expected and accounted for by now. If Zuckerberg, the media, pharma and such are entirely responsible for this mess, then the rest of us are not. To make such an admission is to say we have no power, control or responsibility; we might as well concede we are already slaves. But that battle for freedom is happening now. Whistle-blowers are coming forward; massive crowds take the streets of London. Hopefully, the ranks of the clueless are shrinking.

      1. You are a funny funny person…I can see the truth scares the bejeebers out of you Check. And no…I am pointing at the clueless like you…enjoy life Check and keep up your KRDO trolling it is immensely filled with no reality and somewhat hilarious!

      2. How much do you get paid Reality to push propaganda? It would never be enough for an honest person but you seem to not be honest so there you go.

  6. This makes sense so much:
    The lottery jab,
    Take the “jab” and very possibly get sick or worse for a virus that you have .0001% of dying from or worse, but you have .00000001 chance of winning a payout that you might not be able to even use 6 months from now because you are sick or the money will go to your hospital bills.
    Money is the root to all evil.

  7. (Impersonation)
    Hello, this is Dr. Fauci speaking. I know a lot of the commentators here will want to have some fun at my expense, and at what may be perceived as slight inconsistencies of policy, but they would be completely and entirely incorrect to do so. You cannot possibly understand gain-of-function as it is precisely defined by political science. “Gain” simply means to… well, to gain and “function” is how something… well, how it functions… this is basic, non-controversial science for which I never authorized funding except possibly to help make more deadly pathogens for better health and a safer world, which I categorically deny for now.

    In the scientific community, we know that a virus can come from wild bats and a lab if those bats work in labs. This is well understood in immunology… or perhaps it’s virology… one of those “-ology” sciences, certainly not quantum physics, although I like how something can be a wave and a particle. I don’t think I could possibly be any clearer about that, especially in my accustomed muzzled-for-the-cameras attire which was not necessary a year ago but now that we have the vaccine everyone should wear masks so that when we finally have a vaccine nothing will change except normal, which will be new.

    I don’t think I could possibly be any clearer, except to say that no one in America should be wearing a mask a year ago since nothing will save you from covid except the vaccine, although I kind of like remdesivir since it’s not hydroxycholoroquine which is simply too affordable and effective to be recommended by high-ranking government health officials which I am paid to play on TV. No one will offer you free french fries or a lottery ticket for taking hydroxycholoroquine. Again, wait for the vaccine which is already here so things can get back to normal which they can’t since a mask may catch a droplet or two. I don’t think I could possibly be clearer about that.

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