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Victims identified after massacre at Colorado Springs birthday party

Victims identified after massacre at Colorado Springs birthday party

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A family member has identified the six people shot to death at a birthday party this past weekend in Colorado Springs.

According to a family member's report, the victims were all part of the same extended family. The shooting happened early Sunday morning in a mobile home park in the city's southeast side.

The victims were identified as:
Melvin Perez
Mayra Perez
Joana Cruz
Jose Gutierrez
Sandra Ibarra
Jose Ibarra

City officials told CNN that it could take several days to conduct autopsies and make forensic identifications for the victims. Colorado Springs police didn't release any new information on Monday.

Colorado Springs Police say the suspected shooter in the incident appeared to have shot himself and died. The suspect was Sandra's boyfriend, according to a family member who identified the suspect's name as "Junior."

According to Sandra Ibarra's Facebook page, she was listed in a relationship with a "Junior" Macias.

A fundraiser to help pay for funeral expenses for the victims has been set up on Facebook.

TESSA, a Colorado Springs non-profit that works with victims of domestic violence, issued the following statement in response to the shooting.

“With heavy hearts, we struggle to make sense of the shocking violence, and devastating loss that ripped through our community on Sunday morning. While we face the harsh realities of domestic violence on a daily basis, no amount of exposure ever lessens the sheer weight of grief following such senseless tragedy. Our hearts are with those who mourn lost loved ones, and as always, we stand in solidarity with this community as we seek healing. While no amount of progress will ever undo the injuries sustained following this loss, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of a community free of violence where all people can thrive, and we will continue to support recovery in any way we can. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence or abuse, confidential advocates staff our Safe Line 24/7, and can always be reached at 719-633-3819.”

Anne Markley, CEO, TESSA

Shocked loved ones grieve, sharing their thoughts about the victims.
One family friend spoke with KRDO Newchannel 13'S Jasmine Arenas.
A long time family friend, Dustin Jarvis says he grew up here with Melvin Perez, one of the victims of the shooting. His whole life he knew him to be the nicest person he had ever met.
Today on what would have been Melvin's 31st birthday, Dustin Jarvis wants his friend to be remembered for the joy he brought to the world.

"If you had a bad day he would try to pick you up and make you laugh and just enjoy life, every time I saw him or tried to talk to him he was never upset," expressed Jarvis.

They say you never remember what people say but always remember how they made you feel and for Jarvis who knew Melvin Perez for 11 years, learning about his tragic death just last Sunday has not been easy.

"There is a lot of memories I've had with them and all of them were good, everything was a good time with them," added Jarvis.

Jarvis has a son with Melvin's sister, Nuvia Marquez, the daughter of one of the six victims, Joana Cruz, which is why he spent a lot of time with the family.

"Loving family, they never had a problem with anybody. They were always open arms, come in, if they did not know you, they made you feel at home. They never looked down on anybody they were always caring, hardworking people," said Jarvis.

Reminiscing on each one of the victims he personally knew, saying Mayra Perez, wife to Melvin Perez and mother of three, was a walking angel.

"She would do anything for anybody. She was a loving mother, a very caring person and an amazing cook," said Jarvis.

He shares the same sentiment about Joana Cruz, who traditionally celebrated her birthday every year with her daughter Nuvia and son, Melvin.

"One of a kind kind of lady, she would welcome you with open arms," said Jarvis.

As for Jose Guitierrez, son of Joana Cruz and brother of Melvin and Nuvia, he's described as a quiet yet smart guy.

We also reached out to other family members of the victims, including close friends and most are really saddened and shocked from the news and have respectfully declined interviews at this time.

Andrew McMillan

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Jasmine Arenas

Jasmine is an MMJ and Anchor for Telemundo Surco and KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Jasmine here.



  1. Gee KRDO, impressive, you can’t get details for a shooting that happened right here in Colorado Springs, so you relay on CNN to do it? Wow… just wow…

  2. Wow…all these young people dead. Either the perp is nuts, or has no soul. The poor families..

  3. We are still waiting for the information from the officer involved shooting on April 22, 2021 when the officer with the long rifle was providing life saving techniques after he was shot with the foot to the head and shoulders technique…
    You know, 20 days ago? Or 6 days past the mandatory required release of “all” recordings of an incident be released under the updated police accountability bill.
    With this verbiage, that word “all” that is listed in this bill would also include “all” audio dictation recordings, and I would imaging they dictate their reports to be transcribed, like most agencies do.
    We are still waiting on the state law mandatory release of all recordings, to include the 5 officers body cams and what was done to the officer that had the long rifle and after the suspect was shot, 4 officers went over to restrain then provide life saving techniques; while that was going on, the officer with the long rifle began his own life saving technique with the boot to the head and shoulders of the suspect, again after the suspect was shot and 4 officers were restraining the suspect. This is important, even though the suspect was an alleged criminal, officers should not be allowed to kick anyone after the rifle was separated from the suspect and while being restrained, regardless of if he is now dead or not and if he has family pursuing justice against CSPD and this officer or not. Not releasing this state mandated information to the news to have them disseminate it 5 days past when they were required to do so only further shows the department’s corruption and lack of required transparency.
    This needs to be released as well as what the agency is doing against the officer, like charging him with excessive use of force. Otherwise he will just slip back behind the blue wall until he gets to illegally act out again.

    1. Definition of mindless:
      1a : marked by a lack of mind or consciousness a mindless sleep

      b(1) : marked by or displaying no use of the powers of the intellect mindless violence

      (2) : requiring little attention or thought especially : not intellectually challenging or stimulating

      Definition of zealot:
      1 : a zealous person especially : a fanatical partisan a religious zealot

      2 capitalized : a member of a fanatical sect arising in Judea during the first century a.d. and militantly opposing the Roman domination of Palestine

      If the shoe fits…next time someone is threatening you with a gun…call a plumber!

      1. Definition of irony
        1a: the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning
        b: a usually humorous or sardonic literary style or form characterized by irony
        c: an ironic expression or utterance
        Definition of sarcasm
        1: a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain
        2a: a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual
        b: the use or language of sarcasm
        Definition of cynicism
        1capitalized : the doctrine of the Cynics (see CYNIC sense 2)
        2: cynical attitude or quality
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        also : a cynical comment or act
        Guess that one flew over your head, right next to the the point of this statement. You don’t need to worry who I will call if I am threatened, I have went through the same training the people you will call have gone through, my response time is just faster than theirs is.

        1. My apologies…I did miss it and it did fly over my head. Shalom…have a great day!

  4. The suspect in the shooting had a rifle, was walking towards people at the gas pumps, was told to put down the weapon, the officer deployed his taser which wasn’t affective, and was shot after he still didn’t comply with the officer’s orders.

    Just because one weapon doesn’t mean he didn’t have more.

    1. “Just because one weapon doesn’t mean he didn’t have more.”
      Okay let’s go down this path…
      In the process after what you stated has occurred (Not being disputed so far (Thus, making the shoot a good shoot with the statements made so far and not seeing the entire video of the incident)) the suspect then has 4 of the 5 officers on scene on top of him placing him in restraints, assessing damage and rendering life saving techniques, and also searching for weapons, as this is standard procedure. While this is occurring officer #5 comes over and kicks the suspect 2-4 times in the head and shoulders. Does officer # 5’s actions fall in the category of which of the following:
      #1 – placing him in restraints?
      #2 – assessing damage and rendering life saving techniques?
      #3 – searching for weapons?
      #4 – or excessive use of force after the suspect was down?
      Yes, the plus 1 rule always needs to be considered, but the video clearly shows at 1:22 what type of actions those were. Hint: it was not 1-3. The shoot is not what I am questioning, simply because we have not been able to see the video of the shoot, yet. It it the officers actions after the shoot, that is where the excessive use of force occurred.

      1. Did you know if you do not break the law or try to harm others with a gun that you would not get tased, shot, kicked or many other things.
        I personally think criminals shouldn’t’ have rights in a situation like that. I don’t think excessive force is necessary but you never know what the perp was doing that made the officer feel it was a necessary response. People who get tased and are not phased by it usually are on some drug that can make them extremely hard to restrain even if they were just shot.
        Criminals should have fear of what can happen if they commit a crime. Otherwise there is no deterrent and they know they will have possible grounds to sue the police and win over some bumps and bruises when they were threatening someones life with a gun.

        1. Did you know that when you make an arrest as an officer you are only authorized to use force that is reasonable and necessary to affect the arrest, and use of force that goes above this is classified as excessive use of force? “but you never know what the perp was doing that made the officer feel it was a necessary response.” There were 4 officers that were actively placing him in restraints, when officer #5 (the one with the long rifle) came in and kicked him to an area of the body that law enforcement is instructed to stay away from; this region being the head and neck region, as this is classified as a vital area, thus he was still acting in the Deadly Force region after the situation had de-escalated to at best passive resistance because he was already shot and had 4 officers placing him in restraints. Therefore the plus 1 rule still would not cover his actions of still using deadly force.
          “Criminals should have fear of what can happen if they commit a crime.” He was already shot, allegedly for his actions, and allegedly was threatening suicide, while moving to the vehicle to potentially take a hostage. If he didn’t have fear of these actions, what was the boots to the head supposed to ensure.
          Law Enforcement is taught that after the threat has ended to ensure the scene is safe then begin providing life saving techniques. Officer #5 failed to do so when he didn’t de-escalate himself and kicked the suspect in the head / shoulders region. This isn’t about who gets to sue whomever, this is about following the letter of the law and not crossing those boundaries like officer #5 clearly did by his actions.

        2. “Otherwise there is no deterrent and they know they will have possible grounds to sue the police”
          Here is a government article that directly deals with the causality of the beliefs you believe should exist in law enforcement, and why these beliefs are the wrong approach to how to police effectively in a community. People should not be in fear of their police, they should be taught the difference of right and wrong and the consequences of wrong actions.

          1. But we should know that our law enforcement will not cross that line, and this is continuing to be seen as the problem time and again with mandatory body cams and everyone filming Law Enforcement’s actions with their phone.

          2. Just as citizens have laws they have to abide by, so does law enforcement. And when a law enforcement officer violates those laws, they deserve to be tried for their actions, just like a citizen is as well.

          3. People will not fear the police if they are doing nothing wrong. Kids are taught in school and hopefully from their parents growing up what is right and wrong. You can’t take a criminal and go well I guess you didn’t know that threatening someone life with a gun is illegal and wrong so we will give you some grace because you didn’t know any better…….. Ohh come on.
            I respect the police and have a healthy fear of them if I so choose to commit a crime. Just like my kids respect me and have a healthy fear that if they misbehave their are consequences that will be handed down. Its a fact of life.
            Like I said does that excuse excessive force, no. All I am saying is I don’t feel bad for someone who CHOOSES to break the law and something like this happens. I know many officers and deputies in this community and 99.9% are honest upright people working to serve the community and keep it safe. Are they also human….yes. Again if it is truly excessive force then that officer needs to be disciplined. But at the same time I will not shed a single tear for the perp or try to make him out to be a victim. He is a criminal and everyone quickly forgets his victims or potential victims. He wanted to kill someone….just remember that first and foremost.

  5. I have never seen a gun walk into a group of people and start firing. I have never seen a gun point itself at a human and fire. This is not about guns and who has them or how many. This is about mentally disturbed and crazed humans using a weapon to kill people. It takes a human being to hold, load and fire a gun. And I will say this again as many have…Guns don’t kill people…people kill people! Get the Mental Health system fixed for God’s sake or at least make an effort!

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