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Only 21% of appointments at Colorado Springs mass vaccination site filled last week

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — Hundreds of COVID-19 vaccine appointments were not filled at the Broadmoor World Arena mass vaccination clinic in Colorado Springs from April 19 to April 26.

“We originally saw a lot of uptake, those early adopters who were excited to get their vaccine,” said Medical Director for El Paso County Public Health Dr. Robin Johnson. “And now I think there is some kind of lack of that demand.”

It’s quite the opposite of what the county experienced almost exactly one month ago, when demand was so high, Centura Health had to turn away people with appointments at the Broadmoor World Arena.

Centura Health reports 3,147 doses were administered out of 14,700 available for appointment in the last week. It's just about 21%. All were Pfizer first doses. 

“The most important thing we’re going to do — is not hesitate to vaccinate,” said Dr. Johnson.

However, a spokesperson for Centura Health says it only thaws what it needs to ensure a dose is never wasted. Centura says if a supply allocated for a certain day is not used, it’s left in the freezer.

When asked if unused doses will be sent elsewhere in Colorado, the state responded saying the Broadmoor World Arena has 12,000 appointments scheduled through this weekend, which will allow them to get through most of the doses that were not used last week. 

The Broadmoor World Arena is open Friday through Monday from 10 am to 6 pm. To make it more convenient, the mass vaccination site will now take walk-up patients on the weekends.

For individuals who are hesitant to get a vaccine out f fear of getting sick and missing work, the state said the following:

The Healthy Families and Workplaces Act (HFWA) passed in July, 2020 (S.B. 20-205) requires employers to provide COVID-related supplemental leave, including preventative care such as vaccination. It also requires time off for any health condition that would prevent an employee from working, including vaccine side effects. The employee should consult with their employer.

Spokesperson for CDPHE

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Lauren Barnas



  1. Hahahahahahahaha. Lmfao. Lets have the government shoot me up with some concoction of crap, that won’t prevent me transmitting covid won’t prevent me contracting it after I’ve had my shot, could potentially hurt my body, still have to wear a mask like a good slave. Its a giant show people. You idiots driving around with masks or jogging with masks, I see you. You are mentally ill and I hope you seek help. I wonder why people with genuine questions and common sense don’t want your vaccine…..

  2. Deaths will never be completely down to zero because they are counting everyone who tests positive and dies as a Covid death. This thing Is being tracked unlike any virus has ever been tracked before.

      1. What is the true amount of adverse reactions, what are the different adverse reactions, how serious and what is your information source?

        1. This is as of April 1…just the tip of the iceberg:
          Oh and you can blast the Defender website all you want. They just posted it from VAERS

          Abnormal Periods and Miscarriage Reported

          As reported by The Defender,3 as of April 1, 2021, VAERS had received 56,869 adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination, including 7,971 serious injuries and 2,342 deaths. Of those deaths, 28% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination. The youngest person to die was just 18 years old.

          1. They are blaming the vaccines for issues not proven to be linked to the vaccines. There will always people willing to spread fake news to create fear for their own fame and or profit.

          2. And we’re seeing our share of those spreading fake news here. But they’re not bright enough to be doing it for personal profit, and don’t realize they’re being manipulated to create profit for others selling snake-oil.

          3. As for the VAERS database, some organizations reporting from it fail to mention that anyone can report events to VAERS, and that the database contains unverified information, describes reported deaths of individuals who died after receiving the vaccine as deaths caused by the vaccine, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has so far found no evidence that vaccinations led to any of those patient deaths.
            Deaths occur for all reasons, many of which are coincidental with receiving vaccinations, and that’s assuming that the data is even reported correctly. It’s people who don’t understand statistical probabilities of life and death (or forget to mention them) who participate in fearmongering, most often for their own personal profit, but sometimes through plain ignorance.

  3. I do not know of anyone personally who has suffered serious adverse reactions to any vaccines. I Had 2 Moderna shots and only suffered some mild pain at the injection site.
    I have seen and experienced the emotionally devasting adverse reactions by friends and families of those who died from COVID19.
    While I support free choice to take or not any vaccine be careful of the reasons you choose not to take especially if you are in a high risk group.

  4. Are you positive of the power of your antibodies? I doubt it and there are numerous stories of tough talk from tough guys until it hits home.

    1. I am and so is my doctor. Natural antibodies are better than the ones that the RNA tricks you cells into producing. The RNA sequence is supposed to trick the cell into thinking the spikes from the virus are present and to create an immune response that mimics a natural response. Then you have some antibodies for the part of the virus that is just the “spikes”. This they say will decrease the symptoms of the virus if contracted as your body should be able to fight half the virus with antibodies and the other part with a natural immune response. This is also why you can get COVID after being “vaccinated”, because it is not a true full form “vaccine”. It is very similar to the flue shot, not a vaccine but is aimed at a majority of the virus as to help better fight it if exposed. So if it is the same a a flu shot then why do they not call the flu shot a vaccine?
      They are labeling it as a vaccine for comfort sake. To make people feel like it is true vaccine and then they will all want to get it. It is a marketing ploy to call it a vaccine when it really is not.
      As with anything in life. Natural is always better in the human body. Everything that is not natural, like many medications, comes with a list of potential side affects. None have zero side affects. So if I am naturally immune. Why would I want to stack something artificial on top of that with the risk of side affects, anything small or big.
      Yes, I know people who have died from COVID. I know people who have died of the normal flu. I know people who have died in car accidents. I know people who have died from heart disease. Will that make me stop driving to Red Robin for a burger? or Hide every flu season? no. Will it make me want to wear two seat belts? no

      1. Do you have any proof that “natural antibodies” are better than the ones that the RNA tricks your cells into producing?
        Medical science indicates that all antibodies tailored for a particular virus act with equal efficacy. Do you have some special knowledge that the medical experts do not?

        1. Did my research. The “Jab” only targets the “spike” part of the virus and not the remainder. Your natural immune response will target the whole virus and create antibodies based on the the full immune response to the virus. Not just the “spikes”.
          So a complete set of antibodies for a virus is far superior to a partial set of artificial antibodies. Just some common sense also. You really ought to ready more and not just parrot the main stream media narrative.

  5. Covid 2020– a blatant massive extortion racket for big pharma and their criminal doctor and public health friends that is raining misery on hundreds of millions of people worldwide, uncritically accepted by the privileged, nominally educated people who are participating in and actively promoting mass medical experimentation and child abuse.

    “Honey, come look! I have found alarming evidence that all the so-called ‘top scientists’ advising our murderous government are working for the private interests of a self-proclaimed depopulationist and eugenicist multi-billionaire.”

    A real pandemic wouldn’t require a 24/7 marketing campaign.

    “Public health” in the U.S. is a political program of crushing dissenting voices that stand in the way of Pharma profits. It has nothing to do with the actual health of the public. Stop believing in a government that has never shown concern for you before and that now wants to “treat” you with a medical system that’s the third leading cause of death.

    But hey, we are to believe it took viruses 4 billion years, co-evolving with cells, plants, and animals to finally find a mutation that forces an advanced species to always wear masks, permanently socially isolate, and be vaccinated twice a year?

    I believe that people with immense wealth and power conspire.If you still cannot fathom that people with immense wealth and power conspire, then that doesn’t make me a “conspiracy theorist” — it makes you a coincidence theorist. And an idiot.

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