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CSFD: Fire near Garden of the Gods due to careless cigarette disposal

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Colorado Springs Fire Department says the grass fire that happened down the road from Garden of the Gods was started by a cigarette that wasn't disposed of properly.

CSFD posted an aerial video of the fire that started Wednesday afternoon near 30th and Water Street.

CSFD said Thursday that the fire was "caused by careless disposal of a cigarette." It's not clear if a suspect was identified or if charges will be filed related to the fire.

Firefighters quickly got on scene and were able to contain the flames before dark. The blaze had burned about five acres before containment was set up.

No structures were lost in the fire, and no injuries were reported.

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  1. What brand of cigarette butt was found and placed into evidence to make this allegation that this was the cause of the fire? Sounds like CSFD is jumping to theory and conjecture rather than allowing the evidence support the facts. Case in point, 1) If the fire originated at the alleged cigarette butt, then what evidence would be left after the fire burned out. 2) Who visually observed the cigarette butt land, and start the fire. 3) Even if the cause was something else, like bald tires with the wires showing sending off sparks, do you not presume there would be cigarette butts nearby? When was the last time CS road and bridge went out and cleaned up the litter along this roadway.

    1. It is public record, go look at the report. You are correct on one point, you are mindless.

      1. Well Gosh, that report must be accurate then regardless of the evidence, or the lack thereof. Derp.

        1. If you had a clue, you would know the reports have photographic evidence and specific facts documented. That is where you will find your cigarette butt, and maybe your brand of cigarette. Judging by news footage the fire traveled up hill and grew hotter and larger as it went up, so it is very likely your cigarette butt did not burn up in the fire.

  2. What is Bidumb doing to prevent this!?
    This happened under his watch!!! Someone go wake him up from his after pudding nap!

  3. Someone needs to hire people that can find the real cause to a fire. All this dept does is blame cigarettes or homeless. Guess that is what they teach today. What a joke.

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