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Lamborn, Buck among 106 House Republicans backing Texas lawsuit to overturn election

lamborn buck texas lawsuit

DENVER (KRDO) -- Colorado U.S. Representatives Doug Lamborn and Ken Buck are supporting a lawsuit to overturn the presidential election results in four battleground states.

Both Republican Congressmen are on a list of 106 Republican House members that collectively filed a brief in support of Texas' action in the Supreme Court. To read the full brief, click here.

On Tuesday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed the lawsuit in the Supreme Court regarding the 2020 election results. The lawsuit asks the Supreme Court to issue an emergency order that would invalidate the ballots of millions of voters in four swing states — Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — even though federal judges have said that there is no evidence of widespread fraud.

President Donald Trump also filed a motion Tuesday to join the Texas AG's request asking for the same result.

The brief states that the listed representatives share the concerns of "millions of their constituents, that the unconstitutional irregularities involved in the 2020 presidential election cast doubt upon its outcome and the integrity of the American system of elections."

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser announced Wednesday that he has joined a coalition of 23 states that are opposing Texas' lawsuit. The coalition has filed its own brief asking the Supreme Court to dismiss the Lone Star State's request.

The opposing brief states that Texas' lawsuit ignores the Constitution and shows no evidence of widespread systemic voter fraud.

“The Supreme Court must reject this Hail Mary attempt to undermine the presidential election and overturn the will of the voters. The Constitution grants the states the power to set their own rules for presidential elections held within their own states. The Texas lawsuit undermines this state authority and it is a threat to the rule of law. Most troubling, this is an attack on democracy itself,” said Weiser in a statement. “Voters, not courts or lawyers, choose the president.” 

Rep. Lamborn sent out the following statement regarding his backing of Texas' lawsuit in the Supreme Court:

I am pleased to join my colleague, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La), on an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court in support of the Texas v. Pennsylvania case. The amicus brief presents the concerns of my constituents that the unconstitutional irregularities involved in the 2020 presidential election cast doubt upon its outcome. It is now the duty of the Supreme Court to consider the facts and determine what impact these irregularities had on the 2020 election."

Rep. Buck did not respond to KRDO NewsChannel 13's request for comment Thursday.

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  1. despite there being NO EVIDENCE these two wanna waste the high courts time with ridiculous claims and B.S. theories….at least we get to see how a republican throws a temper tantrum….

        1. Soon, Trump will be gone and all eyes will be on the Biden’s administration and future failures.

          1. So the Supreme Court has thrown out the case, and Trump is now essentially gone. He’s only concentrating on his own personal interests, as usual.

    1. Been watching CNN again have you?
      Did you know Hunter Biden is under investigation? Yeah, MSM just reported this in the past two days…..EVERYONE ELSE THIS SOB WAS A CRIMINAL AND PEDO MOTHS AGO.
      If you are not looking for proof you won’t find it. 10% of Biden voters said they would have never voted for him if they knew more about his sons issues……but it was covered up.
      GA ballot stuffing videos? Yeah THE VIDEO PROOF…..hear about that?

      1. So what if Biden’s son is under investigation? The information was deliberately withheld from the general public by the investigating authorities because of the potential impact on the impending election. That’s supposed to be government agency protocol, except it wasn’t observed in the investigation into Hillary Clinton in 2016. So the investigation into her was announced just days before the election, and was dismissed a short while afterwards.
        And there’s no evidence that Biden’s son is a pedophile. That’s just one of the many baseless QAnon theories that have been debunked many times over, and parroted by ignorant people like yourself.

        1. It’s on record “China” Joe lied about knowing about Hunter’s business dealings through e-mails.

      2. @Iwant Yes i’ve heard of it? SO? that’s his son NOT HIM!!!!! you wanna be held accountable for all the crap your kid does? I didn’t think so!! as for anything else? SHOW ME PROOF!!! Because they haven’t done that yet!!! And doctored videos dont really help!!! Actual Document proof.

    2. Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin violated the US Constitution because they made changes to voting rules and procedures through the courts or through executive actions. But these states did not make the changes through the state legislatures as spelled out in the US Constitution.

  2. Why do they claim only specific states some of which are under republican leadership should invalidate votes? Colorado has been using mail in voting for years and they have not claimed a problem before. These republicans’ have more loyalty to Trump and the republican party than to our country and democracy. They are the ones trying to steal the election.

    1. @doug because the republicans counted on the idea that covid would stop some people from voting. they didn’t count on the fact that so many people wanted the racist,lying, backstabbing, MONSTER out of office!! they also looked at the number of people going to the trump conventions and thought they were ALL support….In reality well lets face it trump was a reality t.v. person and thusly people would go to his convention JUST FOR THE ENTERTAINMENT FACTOR, they wanna see what would come out of his mouth next! But they didn’t all support him.

  3. “Lamborn, Buck among 106 House Republicans backing Texas lawsuit to overturn election”
    No surprises there. They have never been the brightest lights on the tree.

  4. These 2 are idiots along with the other 104 putting therir reps and jobs on the line for stupidity

  5. Why doesn’t anyone call these guys what they really are? They are TRAITORS of the United States and are participating in an attempted overthrow of our government.
    This attempted coup of our free democratic country has sprouted legs and the seditious ones are finally identifying themselves and should be called what they are… Traitors!
    These guys should be black balled and shunned. Definition of sedition “Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.”
    When are we going to quit giving them airtime on any medium and call them out for trying to undermine our government and way of life?

    1. Sedition. And not excused by ignorance or indoctrination. Really sad to see how minds have been twisted and manipulated.

  6. I’m not surprised that they are supporting this suit. There is OVERWHELMING evidence of voter fraud. You probably don’t know about the plethora of evidence if you follow the liberal propaganda machine known by all as the MSM or if you get your news from Facebook.

    1. So much evidence that no one has been able to present any of it in court, anywhere in the country, in any of the many many lawsuits, resulting in all of them being thrown out.

    2. really? so why haven’t they actually provided this overwhelming evidence in court?

      this lawsuit by the Texas AG also doesn’t allege fraud. it actually states that the fraud is undetectable.

    3. @ Smarter (not so smart)So the evidence that you claim exists….why cant anyone find it? INCLUDING YOUR OWN REPRESENTATIVES? WHERE IS THIS PROOF? you been reading THE ENQUIRER again?

  7. Noe Colorado KNOWS these two would throw away your votes to WIN. NOW you see REAL facism. Remember the precedents the GOP has set during this Presidency. It WILL come back on America in a form BOTH parties will not enjoy.

    1. No kidding. Not enough to throw the game board against the wall. He’s gotta burn the whole building down, and during a pandemic, no less.
      What a party of whiny, cowardly babies. Now what? They’re gonna quit the country?

  8. maybe these guys should read 18 U.S. Code § 2384 Seditious conspiracy

    does that law not apply to these 106 republicans? because that is what they’re trying to do. it’s an attempted coup.

    if I hand a letter to a teller demanding the banks money, I’ve committed a felony even if they don’t actually hand me the money.

    so yeah, good to know who these 106 traitors are. (and the commenters supporting these traitors)

  9. Ya’ll freaking out when the article does not say what is truly happening. They are not trying to over turn the election results. It is not a coup.
    They are demanding that the law be followed that is in places for voting in those states. If the results were the other direction then the Biden team would be doing the exact same thing. Just like Hillary never conceded.
    It is what happens every election. This is another example how the two party system fails the American people. Causes doubt and turns neighbors against each other. The media fans the flames with assertions like “trying to overturn the election”.
    Independent perspective…. I think it is fair to make sure that the election was fair and that the policies and procedures that are in place are followed. We all know that there is a lot of major feelings and emotions caught up in this election and so fraud could be more prevalent on both sides. Both sides have extremesists who think the other is the anti-christ. And there is no telling the lengths they could go to in order to try to prevent them from winning. Both sides.

    1. Hillary never conceded? Omg. Can you even name the seven continents? You surely have alternate facts.

  10. Even SCOTUS said in its opinion that this lawsuit was an act of sedition:
    “The cascading series of compounding defects in Texas’s filings is only underscored by the surreal alternate reality that those filings attempt to construct. That alternate reality includes an absurd statistical analysis positing that the probability of President-Elect Biden winning the election was “one in a quadrillion.” … Texas’s effort to get this Court to pick the next President has no basis in law or fact. The Court should not abide this SEDITIOUS ABUSE OF THE JUDICIAL PROCESS, and should send a clear and unmistakable signal that such abuse must never be replicated.”

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