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Sen. Cory Gardner holds off spending campaign contributions

hickenlooper and gardner

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — Republican incumbent Sen. Cory Gardner has spent only about $6.5 million of the $17 million his campaign has raised while seeking re-election on Nov. 3, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

It’s considerably less than the $10 million spent of $14 million raised by his opponent John Hickenlooper, who’s a Democrat and former Colorado governor.

University of Colorado Political Science Professor Josh Dunn says Gardner’s lack of spending is interesting, but there are a few possible explanations. 

“It could be that Gardner is holding his money in reserve and there’s going to be a big spending spree the last few weeks before the election, and that there are outside groups already doing a lot of attacking Hickenlooper,” Dunn said.

Gardner’s Senate seat is considered one of the most vulnerable in this election cycle.

“Colorado is a battleground state and this seat, both parties regard as essential to either keep control of the Senate or gain control of the Senate,” Dunn said.

The Colorado Senate race is reportedly the ninth most expensive in the U.S., with several weeks of potential spending left.

“I think it’d be very surprising if Gardner has any money left in the bank,” Dunn said.

Considerably less money has been spent on other congressional campaigns in Colorado, which Dunn says is typical.

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Lauren Barnas



  1. All he seems to have spent money on is media smear campaigns.
    We need much more positive leadership in these times.
    I have not heard Mr. Gardner tell us one single thing he proposes to do as a new leader.
    It just proves he has no plan, just an affinity for making anyone he can look worse.

    1. What has Hickenlooper proposed? He is running smear campaigns also. Hickenlooper who said he would not ever run for the senate all the sudden is in the race with millions in backing. He is a puppet. The two party system is broken and full of unethical people on both sides.

  2. Republican Cory Garner likes to tell his constituents what he is going to do for them, when he should be asking his constituents what we want him to do, then do what we tell him we want him to do.

    Democrat John Hickenlooper took a plea agreement to 1 charge to have the other charges be wrapped up in his plea agreement. Then he misappropriated funds.

    Both are the epidemy of the failures of this two-party system. The DNC and the GOP signaled the constituents of the State of Colorado and stated, these are the best candidates our parties have to offer, now pick which one you want, someone that doesn’t listen to their constituents, or someone that took a pleas agreement regarding misappropriation of funds. Both are not working for The People, both are working for their financial benefactor lobbyists, and that is the real crime.

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