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3 arrested for ‘riot’ outside Colorado Springs police officer’s home

devon bailey shooting protest

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado Springs police say that three people have been arrested for felony charges after a raucous protest that happened in early August outside of the home of a CSPD officer.

The new arrests stem from a protest on Aug. 3 in the Pulpit Rock neighborhood. Protesters were calling for the termination of an officer who was involved in the fatal shooting of De'Von Bailey. The officer was cleared of any criminal charges and civil rights violations.

We had a live stream during the protest, which you can watch at this link here.

Several protesters were armed with rifles while wearing face coverings, and it appears that two of the people arrested in connection with the protest were those armed protesters.

Several residents in the neighborhood were confronted by the armed protesters. Some of the armed protesters stood in front of vehicles and prevented them from driving through before being ordered to move by nearby CSPD officers.

CSPD is asking for help identifying the individuals seen in this photo.

The individuals arrested on Thursday were identified as 36-year-old Sherrie Smith of Fountain, 33-year-old Lloyd Porche of Denver, and 20-year-old Charles Johnson of Colorado Springs.

CSPD says Smith and Porche were armed with rifles. Johnson is accused of trying to take a cell phone from a citizen. All three were charged with felony offenses related to "engaging in a riot" or "inciting a riot."

"What may have begun as a peaceful protest, quickly escalated into riotous and illegal behavior," Sokolik said in a statement.

Colorado Springs police say that more arrests are anticipated.

CSPD officers were at the scene of the protest as it took place, however, no arrests were made at the time, and the protesters were able to leave the neighborhood without incident.

Lt. Jim Sokolik with CSPD said Friday that there was a delay in the arrests and acknowledged the frustration with the delays, but he said "the safety of our community is paramount."

We're working on getting more information on the arrests, including why there was a delay in arrests and why the protest wasn't declared a riot at the time of the event.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

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  1. DeVon was a child molester and a violent criminal. I still don’t get why people are saying it was a tragedy? Or that he shouldn’t of been shot. He had a gun and if he didn’t run he would of been alive in jail today.
    This is not a police problem. It is a criminal problem.

  2. Look Man!! CSPD…you gave up respect…you need to start sending lead downrange and dropping bodies…These thugs and hooligans are terrorist….they do not have the same Constitutional rights as Real Americans…
    either capture them and send them to Gitmo…or drop them…
    The average fair minded American and taxpayer expect this from our police force

  3. It’s not illegal to open carry in the Springs. Cops are calling anything a riot. Recently, the Aurora cops called a violin vigil for Elijah McClain a riot. They tear gassed the violin vigil. Oregon cops tear gassed a peaceful moms protest. I remember the Springs cops tear gassing peaceful Iraq war protesters. Just because people are using their 1st amendment right does not mean it’s a riot. As the cops like to say, there were a few bad eggs. So arrest the few bad eggs. There was no riot. 🙄 These cops are full of it.

    1. Threatening others with those openly carried guns is however not legal, without due cause. And RESPONSIBLE gun owner knows that. That’s why the “bad eggs” were arrested here.

      1. “Due Cause” is not a legally defensible action. Please don’t try and provide legal advise without any expertise. Its obvious you are somewhat clueless here.

      2. Huh, the video doesn’t show anyone threatening people with a gun.
        The news has a live stream from that night. CPR wrote an article that didn’t call this a riot.
        They said one neighbor in his car yelled at them at then stood in his front yard with the same type of rifle a protester was carrying.

        KRDO’s report from that night didn’t have anything about menacing.
        The name of that article is “Protesters occupy CSPD officer’s neighborhood on anniversary of De’Von Bailey shooting”

  4. Loiselane: READ THE ARTICLE. Those arrested did more with their weapons than just “open carry”. They shoulder mounted their rifles, threatened neighbors, blocked traffic, etc. and some weapons were illegal. In other jurisdictions you mentioned, those “moms” violated curfews and refused police warnings to disburse. People get gassed in mass illegal protests. Its called RULE OF LAW. No one got gassed at the violin vigil. Where you there?

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