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Colorado Springs

Protesters occupy CSPD officer’s neighborhood on anniversary of De’Von Bailey shooting

devon bailey shooting protest

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO -- Protesters have taken to a neighborhood in north Colorado Springs to demand the firing of an officer involved in the shooting of De'Von Bailey.

Bailey was shot and killed a year ago, Monday. The two officers were cleared of criminal charges after the shooting. See our timeline of the events here.

The protesters are walking through a neighborhood near Pulpit Rock Park, where one of the police officers, Sgt. Alan Van't Land, allegedly lives. They're calling for Van't Land to be fired from the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Several people in the group are armed with rifles, and at least one resident displayed a rifle when protesters arrived at his home.

Watch below:

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      1. I would correct “your” grammar but I can’t do that anymore because it’s considered racist!

        1. Please note that in the Interwebz Archive as the FIRST misspelling ever in the history of the universe of the internet and that you found it!!!

          Claim your cookie at the Internet Office between 9 and 5.

        2. I’ve noticed bad spelling and bad grammar being used by whites as well as nonwhites.

  1. De’Von Bailey was nothing but a two-bit criminal and the world is a better place without him.

    1. So was George Floyd, but it seemed the Black Community held him as a pillar of their community.

      1. It doesn’t matter what Floyd was or wasn’t. What does matter is a piece of filth so-called cop Chauvin and his accomplices murdered Floyd in cold blood. Floyd laid there facedown on the ground, handcuffed as Chauvin pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck. The whole world watched as Chauvin murdered Floyd. It makes no sense to condone police brutality or support bad cops such as Chauvin. It only makes sense to support cops who do their jobs correctly and do not murder people who are handcuffed and facedown on the ground.

  2. How is carrying a rifle in a low ready position with both hands on it, body position ready to bring the weapon up to primary firing position not brandishing? After 94 we weren’t allowed to have rifles in the gun racks on our trucks because it was brandishing, but these people can stand there in low ready firing position and be legal? Eff that. Not acceptable. Not acceptable to take over a neighborhood. Not acceptable to deny a legal order from peace officers. Stop worrying about what KKTV is going to show and arrest people for breaking the law. Arrest people for attempting to incite a riot. Arrest people for threatening battery on motorists. Protect and serve.

  3. Btw, most gun owners are taught that if someone goes to a low ready on you, they intend to shoot you… Those of us that have served were trained that if you even get near low ready… your going to meet your maker… your a threat.

  4. Your news report shows you to be one that wants to sensationalize this story, making reference to the “law” being recently changed for fleeing felony’s. Well he wasn’t just a fleeing felon, he was trying to get a gun out of his shorts and shoot three police officers, because he had just robbed a man with that gun he had stuffed in his shorts that he was desperately trying to get out. I love how you don’t report facts anymore. Love how much cop hating crap comes from your news team anymore.

    1. You’re making an assumption about Bailey’s intent. If he wanted to shoot the officers and had his hand already on the gun, as you seem to believe, why didn’t he do so on the way down to the ground while he was still alive? We’re reporting the facts that the video shows.

  5. Does anyone else but me notice that they did not sh00t the guy who did not run? And he is black. All races have good guys and all races have thugs.

    1. @Guardian: No I noticed. lol dont think many did. they only see color then call us the racist.

  6. Hopefully there was a armed homeeowner behind every window at the ready to defend their neighborhood.
    BLM and ANTIFA are nation wide Marxist democrap movements and the potential for violence and destruction of property is very real.
    They are organized by known violent terrorists who hate America, are white hating racists, want to destroy America, its history and culture…. Known terrorists Susan Rosenberg (pardoned by Bill Clinton)and Melina Abdullah arejust 2 of many criminals organizing BLM.

  7. This should have been shut down immediately by the police. Force like this needs to be met with greater force. CSPD, you’re letting us non-terrorist down.

  8. Hello krdo these people are not protesters!! They are terrorists. Get that through your thick skulls! Protestors don’t block roads using firearms and threats. Stupid lazy a$$ reporting.

  9. They are insurgents, not protesters. CSPD should have protected the law-abiding citizens. Since when is it legal for someone to park their car perpendicular in the street to intentionally block traffic and there is NO repercussions? Insurgents/terrorists commit these crimes repeatedly because our gov’t at all levels ALLOWS that behavior. This will occur again. Instead of a cop’s residence it will be YOURS. Don’t think the insurgents won’t come after you and your family.

  10. The cop should have been fired, I think he over reacted. Truth of the matter is, Devon was stupid for what he did, but the person other than Devon that got Devon killed was the a##hole that called the cops and told them he was held at gun point. He owed Devon money and Devon went to get his money. Devon held him at gunpoint. Devon is really the one that got himself killed. When the cops showed up, the should have dropped to the ground, put his hands behind his head and say I have a weapon. He did not do that, he took off running in saggy pants, he had to hold on to the weapon to keep it from dropping. The cop saw what looked like he was reaching for the weapon and shot him.

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