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Man charged for racial slur toward Black family in Fountain


Fountain, Colo. (KRDO) — A man is charged with harassment for using a racial slur at a Black family Sunday outside their home, according to the Fountain Police Department, but the victimized family says more charges should be filed.

Police say 29-year-old John Barclay is charged with harassment with a bias enhancer. Barclay was not booked into jail. Police say that’s standard policy for someone facing a misdemeanor charge.

Fountain police say the family also reported a different neighbor pulling out a handgun during a verbal altercation with teenagers in the early morning of July 5. Carrie Cox and her son, Shaun, spoke with KRDO and said this neighbor has threatened them before because they are Black. 

"If you've never experienced it, you'll never get it," she said.

Carrie's daughter, Alannah Cox, says the harassment has been going on for a year now. She claims the same man pointed a gun at her around Independence day 2019 and accused her of shooting off fireworks.

"He's like, 'I have a gun. You guys need to empty your pockets right now,'" Alannah recalls.

The Fountain Police Department says accusations against the second man are under investigation. Police have given information to the district attorney’s office.

"You want to tell us you just to take a statement? My son's life is worth more than a statement," Cox said.

Cox says if charges aren’t filed, her family plans to organize protests in Fountain.

"I hope that if it happens to your family, and if it's by a Black person, or a Mexican person, or any minority and you're white and it happens to your family, I hope the minority community doesn't judge you as harshly as you've judged the Black community for crying out," Cox said.

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  1. Boy there is sooooo much information in this story!

    Why not just make assumptions and say that the alleged perps juuuust started doing this for no reason. There has to be a reason for the conflict. We need facts. Organize a protest? Why? To stir up anger?
    Report both side please.

    1. I got the same impression. Are these kids running amok in the neighborhood and p!ssing off the neighbors?

    2. Sounds like people were partying so loud and late that someone who had to go to work in the morning lost it. Was that family being targeted because they are black or because they are a repetitive loud nuisance in the community? My money is on the latter.
      Charging someone with a extra crime for saying a word that hurt someone elses feelings is BS.
      The cops look ridiculous being made to charge people for a racial slur while they have to stand before protesters who hurl slurs and threats at them while they do nothing….
      Being a cop today is one of the worst jobs in America. They are being made to make PC choices in how they treat people instead of enforcing the law. The vacuum being left by a lack of police law enforcement is going to get filled by citizens, as we are seeing.
      Anyone considering becoming a police officer, don’t do it, you will be made to second guess your decisions, possibly causing your murder because you will be afraid of being being charged with murder for having to kill someone trying to murder you…..You can also be sued personally causing financial ruin.

      Those unfortunately already police officers no one blames you to leave the career as it has been turned into a fiasco where the criminals have the upper hand. Wait for the committee of police hating morons is formed because of gutless politicians who have no idea what life is like on the streets for police.

  2. Sounds like we know who the turd is in this story. I know I’ve never been “threatened” by multiple neighbors.

  3. Grammar 101: Why is the B in black capitalized in the title? Is black now a proper noun? In this sentence, black is an adjective that is used to describe the noun.

    1. It’s political correctness to the point of insanity. But, what can you expect from a liberal “CNN Junior” rag like KRDO?

  4. Sounds like this family has problems and has somehow caused this. All the neighbors can’t like you for nothing. If the last incident was a year ago….. hmmm. It is not targeted racism. It is someone who is a punk and no one likes trying to say it is because of their race ALL the neighbors don’t like or threaten them……. I bet the whole gun thing is made up also just for attention.

    1. ^^^^ I agree, the guilty trouble making law breakers will do all they can to make it about race in a attempt to get away with their criminal behavior.

  5. From the video that was allegedly shot on Sunday night: If I were a neighbor I’d be angry too. Looks like an all out street party. They probably don’t work on Monday morning and don’t care about keeping the working neighbors up at night. The neighbors just need to play the game, repeatedly call and report noise disturbances.

  6. It has got so bad you can not say or do or think anything good or bad and they call it raciest . when i went to school blacks was calling them selves the N word all the time plus they would call white people honkies,

    1. Oh haven’t you heard? It’s okay to call white people “honkies” and “crackers”. All because 150 years ago………………. It’s all such crap. An excuse to get away with acting stupid, being loud and rude in public and not being a good member of society. That’s what these people sound like.

  7. There is still soooooo much info left out of this story.
    I don’t think these incidents were unprovoked.
    DIG DEEPER KRDO. Your lack of reporting the facts will lead to some violence. REPORT FACTS.

    We aren’t going to stand for this in the Fountain area.

  8. It seems like some minorities do not want equality, they want superiority.

  9. “You want to tell us you just to take a statement? My son’s life is worth more than a statement”

    My head hurts after reading this. I still have no clue what this means

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