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Colorado Springs

Police arrest several protesters who blocked I-25 near downtown Colorado Springs

I-25 protest Cropped

UPDATE: The Colorado Springs Police Department says it's arrested four more people on Friday. They've been charged with obstructing a highway or other passageway, a class 3 misdemeanor.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Colorado Springs Police Department confirmed to KRDO that at least two protesters involved in the demonstration on Interstate 25 Tuesday night have been arrested, and more arrests are likely.

The two who were arrested were charged for blocking traffic with their vehicles on I-25, and a spokesperson with CSPD said they're getting information on other possible arrests. The protesters arrested by CSPD haven't been identified.

"Right now — we are continuing to identify and make arrests in the case. So a lot of the charges are going to be dependent," Sgt. Jason Newton said. "We're reviewing video footage, reviewing evidence, it could be reckless driving, impeding traffic, blocking the highway."

The small group of about 30 protesters started in downtown Colorado Springs before marching to Bijou Street Tuesday evening. The group then went down an on-ramp to I-25 while several vehicles stopped in the northbound lanes of the interstate to block traffic. No emergency response vehicles were caught in the initial backup, but many cars reversed or turned around to leave the area within about 30 minutes.

Colorado Springs Police also are searching for suspects who damaged vehicles on the interstate.

"Some of those protestors as cars were driving by they damaged their cars. They were actually kicking and punching. So there is damage to citizens' cars," Sgt. Newton explained.

See a recap, including a video from the protest, here.

The protesters' message focused largely on acknowledging the victims of recent police killings, including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and local man De'Von Bailey.

CSPD said in a statement on Wednesday that the "department will not tolerate blocking of freeways, damaging our community, or putting lives in danger. The actions of the few last night were selfish, dangerous, and create more of a divide when our community is moving forward together."

While investigators said it's important for those who commit crimes to be held accountable they remind the community that this situation is not a reflection of all protesting in Colorado Springs.

"We will not paint all protestors and all people with whatever movement you're with the same brush as the people who blocked I-25," Sgt. Newton said. "We know that those are not the same people that actually want their message to be heard."

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    1. The city should repurpose our snow plows for such protests.
      Side by side barreling down I-25 the snow plows would rid the highway of these Marxist criminals, rid any street of them.

  1. Whoever got caught will snitch like rats to save their hide!!!
    Go back and read the 1st Amendment morons.

    1. Well at least we know where BlackVet our Marine buddy might be. He has been missing for the past couple of days!!!

  2. De’Von Bailey was a criminal with a gun who robbed someone minutes before he encountered the police and then ran with his gun. He was a child molester. People really want to defend him as a wrongful death? He dug his own grave.

  3. Hopefully they have their voting rights removed. There are better ways to get involved… Like run for office or join the police department to be a part of those changes. But then again I wouldn’t want any of these tools running around with a gun. I’m all for gun control: no liberal shall poses any firearm.

    1. Um…too late on liberals owning fire arms. And no…you dont lose voting rights for misdemeanors. Well, in a Fascist country you do…

  4. Good! I was going to be very pissed off if they got away with that. A public stoning would have made me happier but I take this!! Thank you CPSD!!

  5. Anyone else notice that the “protesters” were white? Far left liberal white fascists have hijacked the protests and are turning them increasingly violent. Only way to stop this is to vote RED (Remove Every Democrat)

  6. They will get off with a slap on the wrist. You can’t even get a murderer to spend life in prison in that state.

  7. THANK YOU CSPD!! I saw a comment on youtube from a dad in the springs that was unable to take his son to the hospital due to these morons blocking the interstate. It is not their right to block the right of way and risk people’s lives and/or ability to move about freely. Absolutely unacceptable! The fact that the cops are finding them and demonstrating that this is behavior that won’t be tolerated sends a huge message which will deter the nonsense from escalating or happening. I am glad that we still have some common sense and rule of law around here!

  8. “The protesters’ message focused largely on acknowledging the victims of recent police killings….”
    And blocking a state highway, attacking innocent motorists, damaging their vehicles and threatening people accomplishes that HOW?
    NO it didn’t, KRDO, and you know it. It’s sole focus is one of lawlessness and seeing what they can get away with because they know that the police’s hands are tied by the weak, pandering liberal city leaders and state government who would rather bow down to and reward these terrorist criminals to get votes and punish the citizens than allowing the police to do their jobs and arrest these criminals the second their activities begin.
    Post their arrest photos for everyone to see would be a good start for taking their power away from them, but we all know that won’t happen because these criminal terrorists for some reason have more rights and protections than the other 99.9% of us, thanks to Colorado’s liberal leaders who would just as soon create a new national holiday for criminals rather than to protect us all from them and allow law enforcement to do the same.

    1. Why the the king always has the folding ar-15 while driving, my best time from the steering wheel to shots fired is 4.9 secs…….

    2. @zombie dude most of these people just want police accountability, for them to take responsibility for their actions AND mistakes. The people want the police to stop breaking the law to get an arrest. The people want the cops to do their jobs with honor and integrity.

      1. Substitute police with CRIMINALS. Why are the cops at fault for the poor choices of others and their dangerous action?

        Why must we always feel sorry for the law breaking criminals?

    1. Only if they were white….and Conservative or Trump Supporters. The fact they won’t post the pics shows they are not any of those.

  9. I’m sure those arrested will be bailed out by Democrats, well the protestors are the Democrat’s base.

  10. Idiots. That is one reason I have a dash cam in my car. If you go jumping on my hood or hitting it I will just drive over you and will be able to prove you were a threat to me. Car versus person blocking road, the car will always win.

  11. Strictly for safety reasons, I think being arrested and found guilty of standing in the middle of a highway should be a felony, not a misdemeanor as it puts a lot of people’s lives at risk, not just the dummy playing in the middle of the highway. People are going down those highways at 65 and 75 mph depending on the speed limit, imagine the first or second car to get to where the “adult” is playing in the middle of the road…maybe they’ll be able to stop in time and maybe not. Make it a felony.

  12. Torigan…in reply to your post, one must first be responsible themselves if they want others to be responsible. Secondly, anarchist who block chokepoints on an interstate highway are NOT looking for “police accountability”.

  13. Big truck + big bumper + idiots car in the road = junk yard car! I would give them 30 seconds to move or face the consequence… I too have a dash cam in each of my vehicles, I would like to see how that would really play out in court.

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