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Protesters block Interstate 25 in Colorado Springs

bijou protesters blocking ramp Cropped

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Police in Colorado Springs have been called to Interstate 25 near Cimarron Street to block traffic after protesters marched from downtown to the interstate.

A group of protesters was seen walking down Bijou Street before a truck blocked an on-ramp. The group of about 20 protesters then started marching down to the interstate on foot.

(Warning: Raw footage below)

Protesters continued to block the northbound Interstate for a little over an hour, but police blocked traffic at Cimarron Street to prevent more cars from building up in the crowd. After about 30 minutes, many of the cars that were stopped by the protesters either reversed or turned around to leave.

Colorado Springs police sent a tweet following the protest saying they felt the best course of action was to temporarily close the highway and divert traffic.

Protests have taken place in Colorado Springs as part of a nationwide movement for police reform.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

Andrew McMillan

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  1. The police are blocking traffic FOR the protesters? Why aren’t the police arresting the protesters so traffic can move freely?

    1. Agreed! Nobody gets a permit to march in the middle of a highway so they were blatantly breaking the law in doing that.

  2. These terrorists BETTER understand we’ve ALL had ENOUGH of their crap!

  3. When will the CSPD ENFORCE THE RULE OF LAW? Do only the working taxpayers have to suffer through this madness? Our politicians and PD are so afraid of offending criminals.

    1. Our PD is not the problem. Our state leaders threw our great police officers under the bus these past couple weeks and will sacrifice any officer who enforces the law and upsets any of these criminals. Our state leaders have empowered these criminals and handcuffed the police.

    2. It’s the first revolution in history where the top wants to crush the bottom

    1. And I would be so happy if they all did. But only if they didn’t survive. Otherwise they would be a drain on the welfare system even more than they already are

    1. They lost their jobs due to ineffective leadership of our country. Once again we need Biden to bring us out of another Republican recession.

    1. Trust the king here, before the election in November, there will be a video of blm cutting someone’s head off with a rusty knife

      1. And Biden will need to own it to appease the BLM Dems and Liberals……..then he will be a three time loser ad d seal it for President Trump!!
        KAGA 2020

        1. Hopefully you aren’t a POW, Trump doesn’t like the ones that get caught. Obviously he doesn’t care about the ones that get killed either, which is why he isn’t doing anything about Russia targeting our troops. It is a disgrace for any vet or military person to support this deplorable “leader” (he couldn’t lead our way out of a paper bag).

    1. From your lips Lumbee. I just hope if someone does, that they reverse and run them over again-repeatedly- until paralyzed or no longer breathing.

  4. I would and always will do everything within my power to avoid these mobs of losers but leave me with no way out and I will obliterate you-50 of you if I have to. You do NOT get to block my path home by illegally protesting. You are NOT allowed to walk on the highway. OR BLOCK IT!! I will take you the f@ck out before I get mobbed by a bunch of emotional p@ssies

    1. The world will be a better and less violent place without them. Never bow to the mob. They must be squashed and defeated.

      1. King hears you friend, but worries about the levels of testosterone since the introduction of pesticides

  5. Have a right to protest but not block traffic. The cops are guilty also by standing by allowing them to break the law. Someday a bunch of them are going to get run over.

    1. If the cops appease this behavior (perhaps under orders from local government) then they too (cops and govt) deserve the blowback that will inevitably come their way.

      1. They are already getting a ton of blowback. They can’t rock the boat more or else de-funding is inevitable. Spend that budget on helping people instead of shooting then and throwing them into ineffective jails. Save police for the violent criminals and situations where a gun is actually needed.

  6. Why is the news not reporting on the arrest of these 20 people? Is it because they were allowed to hold a city of nearly half a million hostage? If this is the case, KRDO needs to do investigative reporting as to who, especially elected officials, made the decision to cater to the lawless behavior. Disabling a highway, a public transit system, or an airport and endangering those around you is not protected expression under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Do NOT call them protesters, they are lawbreakers who are taking away our rights!

    1. It’s because the media are part of the top, who wants to crush us, who are at the bottom
      As long as we don’t question them, i.e are heads on a swivel, they continue to wear no clothes

  7. Mayor Suthers, It is my understanding that during the blockage of I-25 at the hands of rioters on the evening of 6/30/20 that the police department did not arrest a single “protester”. If you will not enforce the law against these actions then you and the police have NO AUTHORITY to then enforce ANY law against other citizens. Many within my circle of family, friends, acquaintances, et. al. have long prided ourselves on being productive, law abiding members of the community … this sort of kowtowing to terrorist will bring our actions to a screeching halt. You are playing a dangerous game here with appeasement – when there is no law for “them” there is no law for ANYBODY. You don’t have as much time as you may think. Squash them NOW or don’t complain about the consequences.

  8. It is so funny watching people come unglued because people are sick and tired of the way they are treated. Keep protesting. Shut it down again. make the cry babies keep crying. Great job to all involved.

    1. You are a dumb ignorant fool. Most likely a criminal. But you probably pull the i dindu nuffin cuz card regularly.

  9. 18-3-303. False imprisonment.
    (1) Any person who knowingly confines or detains another without the other’s consent and without proper legal authority commits false imprisonment.
    And for the cops who helped them do it:
    18-1-603. Complicity.
    A person is legally accountable as principal for the behavior of another constituting a criminal offense if, with the intent to promote or facilitate the commission of the offense, he or she aids, abets, advises, or encourages the other person in planning or committing the offense.

  10. These people are lucky. Had I been out working last night and had been stopped by the Marxist daddy issue group black lies matter, I would’ve ran them over. No more capitulation to these disgusting people.

    1. Sounds like you should be in jail, or it will just be a matter of time before you are with such poor decision making skills.

  11. This isn’t BLM. This is a bunch of brainwashed teens and young 20 somethings that escaped their parent’s basements. All I see is a bunch of emotional teen girls and some young guys that follow the girls for one reason… and it ain’t social equality… wink wink.
    And yeah, dont play in the highway, I’d hate to have to clean my grill guard of bipedal roadkill..

  12. All these pathetic snowflakes crying because traffic got blocked for a short amount of time. 😂

    Pit that energy into protesting police brutality and this whole thing will end a lot sooner. 😉

    1. We have jobs and places to go. Anyways, what are the numbers on ‘police brutality’? Or you just going to parrot ‘systemic racism’? Maybe if people would stop giving a reason for police to be in certain neighborhoods.. less police interaction, less ‘brutality’.. problems start from home, not the police station

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