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Boy dies after shooting in Yoder; father charged with murder


YODER, Colo. (KRDO) -- The young boy who was shot last week in Yoder and then rushed to the hospital has died from his injuries, the family reported on Monday.

Roman Krutitskiy, 6, was identified as the child who died, according to a Gofundme page set up by the child's uncle as well as the El Paso County Sheriff's Office. The cause and manner of death will be determined by the Coroner's Office.

Nikolay Krutitskiy, the boy's father, was arrested last week on charges of assault, child abuse, prohibited use of a weapon, violation of a restraining order, and reckless endangerment.

Monday, the sheriff's office added two more charges against Krutitskiy: first-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death.

It's still not clear what led to the shooting, and the court documents related to the charges have been sealed to the public. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office said Monday the shooting happened at the family's home in the 7700 block of Edison Road in Yoder.

Jim Sifford lives across the street from the Yoder Post Office where Roman was taken after he was shot.

"I heard the sirens and got out and looked and that was when the sheriff's office responded to the call," Sifford said. "It's sad that the world is going in that direction, more and more violence, domestic violence."

Roman's family sent KRDO a statement:

"Our family is heart broken over the death of Roman. A boy so full of life and joy. The circumstances of his death are beyond tragic, no child should ever know such pain. If you suspect that someone you know has been the victim of abuse or domestic violence please speak up, help out and let them know they have someone they can turn to. You could be the difference between a life of possibilities and a life lost."

Savannah Ragins also lives in Yoder. She works at the local cafe and is a mother herself.

"It breaks my heart because he had such a long fulfilling life ahead of him," Ragins said. "He could've done anything."

Roman's family is using the hashtag #RIPRoma to remember the young boy. Roma was his nickname.

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      1. reality, look at the charges already listed before the innocent child lost his life. It’s but going to be manslaughter. You can’t “accidentally” abuse a child, and first degree murder isn’t accidental either. Read the story!

        1. The story was updated after I wrote my comment. The time stamps at the top of the story tell you that.

        2. I should also point out that murderers generally don’t drive their victims to get help to save their lives.

  1. Heartbreaking. Poor child. Prison won’t bring the child back, but the father needs to pay for this tragedy.

  2. And I have to go back to the parents deciding to drive the child to the Yoder post office rather than calling 911 first. That time may have made a difference between life and death in this case.
    IN A REAL EMERGENCY, ALWAYS CALL 911 FIRST. That decision might also save a life…

      1. Perhaps. But if they didn’t have a cell phone signal at home, they should have had a landline. A situation like this is the reason why.

  3. I don’t know if he made the call to 911 after he got to the post office or before he got there. In some of the county, finding the address are hard to do. I don’t know, but it is possible that he could have called 911 and said to meet him at the post office, which could have expedited the care his son received.

    For example, if it would take Medical 10 minutes to get to the post office, and it took him 10 minutes to get to the post office, That would get medical attention to his son 10 minutes rather than 20 minutes.

    Just a possibility.

    Still don’t know the details of the shooting.

    1. If he had called 911 first, I’m betting he would have been told to stay put while he followed instructions to deal with the wound, and whatever conditions the child had as a result. There’s also a good chance they would have started a helicopter transport for a child shot that far out from the Springs. They can always find the address one way or another.
      But you’re right in that we don’t know all the details.

    2. According to other news sources, they didn’t call 911 until they got to the post office, and deputies were the ones who initiated CPR. That’s a lot of time wasted that may have cost him his life.

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