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Colorado Springs taking applications for police accountability committee

police cspd use of force

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- In response to calls for a police accountability committee in Colorado Springs, the city council announced Wednesday that it's taking applications for volunteers to serve on the committee.

The decision was made during a work session Tuesday to move forward with creating the application process for the new advisory committee. The purpose of the committee is to bring policy recommendations to the city council, Colorado Springs mayor, and Colorado Springs Police Department.

It's the latest move in response to protests nationwide, including in Colorado Springs, for more accountability of police in the wake of George Floyd's killing in Minneapolis. Last week, the state legislature passed a sweeping police reform bill that enacts changes to body camera procedures, when officers can use deadly force, the use of unannounced warrant service, and qualified immunity for law enforcement officers.

Two groups met with city council members Tuesday night to share their ideas for the accountability board. A large gathering of protesters was outside of City Hall and people were listening to the discussions through a loudspeaker.

City Council will discuss more details about the role and structure of the committee during a work session on Monday, and it should officially be established after public comment on Tuesday.

You can apply to volunteer for the board by clicking this link.


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  1. Let me guess they all will be African Americans. Unbelievable you disband the great police we have and tell them go in this war unarmed.disgracefull

    1. No one is talking about disbanding the police force, except for President Trump, who took the words from a few extremists who don’t represent anyone else.

    2. You think police are at war with black people? You’re not only a racist, you’re also an idiot.

  2. If LE can’t have protection from frivolous personal liability lawsuits, than no one should be protected. That includes the accountability committee.

    1. It has nothing to do with frivolous lawsuits. But your frivolous mind wouldn’t understand that.

      1. You must be a ambulance chasing lawyer. It will cost the taxpayers millions of dollars a year, but since it is lining your pockets you’re OK with it.

  3. “Two groups met with city council members Tuesday night to share their ideas for the accountability board.”
    So who were the two groups? Just groups of random people off the street, or did they have some credibility behind them?

      1. That says a lot about you doesn’t it KollegeEducatedLib? Biased much? Prejudiced much?

      2. Bam and there we have it!! …..BLM’ers and pANTIFA want only communist democrap American hating, white hating racists to be on the committee. The career of LEO is heading towards the top of the list of worst jobs in America and soon near no one will want the job.
        Hopefully any committee will be a toothless, powerless symolic group established to pacify the people with the most dismal crime stats in America and want no police.
        People with no LE experience, education or training, who hate the police, cannot objectively judge the actions of police who in the haeat of battle have to make life or death decisions often in a fraction of a second.
        They want the privilege to commit crime and be consequence free….NOT GONNA HAPPEN.
        Better to just drop this dangerous idea before more police get killed/injured because they hesitated out fear that a police hating committee will go all out to destroy them.
        ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!

  4. And who’s gonna vet these “volunteers” to make sure they aren’t just card carrying leftist activists putting cuffs on any officer who actually did his/her job?

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