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Protesters, City Council meet for second time within a week in Colorado Springs

Two groups of people calling for the creation of a citizen review committee to monitor police in Colorado Springs met Tuesday with the City Council for the second time since a similar meeting last Thursday.

"That meeting lasted around 90 minutes," said council president Richard Skorman. "This one was around an hour longer. We're moving the process much faster than we normally would because of the sense of urgency."

The People's Group, comprised of local protesters, and the Texas-based Austin Group, comprised of supporters of police reform, addressed the council about slightly different ideas for forming a committee.

"Should the council be part of it, or not? Should a committee president be appointed, and be responsible for selecting members? Those are the issues being discussed," Skorman said.

Mayor John Suthers said he's open to ideas from both groups.

"I'm not sure exactly what they have in mind, in terms of complaint processing," he said.  "Certainly, a citizen committee can receive complaints from anybody.  But by law and by certification, the police department has to have a very formal complaint intake process and investigation process."

The People's Group plans to have a second meeting with Police Chief Vince Niski to discuss the matter. Both groups likely will attend another council work session next Monday, and the council could be ready to vote on the issue the following day.

Because of the large crowd of protesters and onlookers outside City Hall on Tuesday, audio from the meeting was piped outside; social distancing requirements made it impossible for the crowd to enter the council chamber.

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Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



  1. Too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the soup. Too many people with their fingers in the process spoils the effectiveness of a job that happens with split second timing. LEOs won’t be able to do a job they know they won’t be backed up for doing.

  2. The public, whose safety is at risk, does not need any committee of morons with no education or training or experience in law enforcement making decisions that will affect the ability of police to do their job.
    This is a small mob of people acting out of ignorance, hate, emotion who are part of BLM and pANTIFA or responding to hate filled propaganda put out by BLM and pANTIFA who do not like the police and will not be objective enough to make intelligent/fair judgements.
    Shelf this dangerous/moronic idea that will negatively affect how the police do their job and put the public in danger. People who supported rioting, burning, looting, killing, injuring in cities al across America have no place in law enforcement decisions.
    There are too many violent members of BLM and pANTIFA that want the privilege to commit crimes free of consequences…NOT GONNA HAPPEN AND ANY VACUUM LEFT BY INEFECTIVE LAW ENFORCEMENT WILL BE FILLED BY AVERAGE CITIZENS TO DEFEND THEMSELFS, HOME AND FAMILY.

    1. Hopefully LE is keeping account of your threats. Talk about “violent” “dangerous/moronic ideas.”

      The whole country is going this way. Deal with it.

      1. LOL…I am sure most if not all police agree with me. You BLM’ers and pANTIFA members/supporters are the absolute worse people to be make law enforcement decisions. They hate the police and will put the police and public in danger.
        You are VIOLENT anarchists who hate the police, hate America and are white hating racists who promote hatred, violence and racism against ALL white people.
        Your message is clear and too the point, you are on a mission to destroy America, you fool no one but other low IQ people like you ALL.
        You all need to get a education or a skill, get off the streets and get a job so you all can make a living and stop blaming everyone for your dismal lifes.
        The people with the most dismal crime stats of any race in America, who want the privilege to commit crimes free of consequence now want to control law enforcement, NOT GONNA HAPPEN, NEVER.

      2. I guess I missed the “Threats” that you are referencing. I believe he is correct that when Police are not quick to respond or won’t that people will find the need to defend themselves. So you will now have more armed citizens. This is not a bad thing it will just hopefully make criminals think twice before committing a crime.

        I believe this is not a law enforcement problem. The problem is people think they are being picked on by police when they are caught being a criminal. “I should be able to rob someone and then run away from the police with a lethal weapon and have no consequences…” That is the message this “group” is pushing.

        Simple answer for all of this. Respect the community, respect your neighbors and don’t be a criminal. If you do this there is no need for you to have a negative interaction with the police. None. This is how 90% of society operates and has no problems.

        1. “Simple answer for all of this. Respect the community, respect your neighbors and don’t be a criminal. If you do this there is no need for you to have a negative interaction with the police. None. This is how 90% of society operates and has no problems.”

          That sums about 99.9% of it up.

  3. Law enforcement, public education, the justice system, public health are all supported by the people for the benefit of the people. All of these systems need regular and periodic reform as does any successful business model. It is always a process.

    The cleaner and clearer this process is conducted, with as much transparency and input from the public as can be allowed, the better the outcome will be for everyone. Let’s aspire to have a city where police feel respected and citizens feel safe to call the police, and to be approached by the police. That’s a lofty goal, but if that is the goal, it is worth pursuing.

  4. If LE can be sued personally, I would think the same would hold true for the citizenry board. They should have no immunity from personal liability from LE that have been wrongfully terminated by a board that has no law enforcement experience. I’ve got my popcorn ready, this will be a disaster.

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