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Man held roofing company salesmen at gunpoint, said he thought they were Antifa

Scott Gudmundsen
Loveland Police Department
Scott Gudmundsen

LOVELAND (AP) — Authorities have arrested a Loveland man they say held two roofing-company salesmen at gunpoint who had been knocking on doors in his neighborhood.

Both were wearing blue polo shirts with a local roofing company logo when Scott Gudmundsen forced them to the ground on Thursday, police told KUSA-TV.

Gudmundsen, 65, was dressed in fatigues and armed with two pistols, one of which had been converted into a longer weapon that looked like a carbine rifle, authorities said.

Gudmundsen had called 911 saying he was going to confront two men wearing masks in his neighborhood in Loveland, police Lt. Bob Shaffer said. Gudmundsen said he believed they were antifa — shorthand for anti-fascists — which is an umbrella term describing far-left groups that resist neo-Nazis and white supremacists at demonstrations and other events.

The workers were wearing white surgical-style masks during the pandemic as they visited the neighborhood following a recent hailstorm, Shaffer said.

Colorado State University officials said in a statement that one of the victims is a football player for the school and a person of color. The race of the second employee was not immediately released. The school said the person with the gun was white.

“They were pretty rattled — both of them were,” Shaffer said.

Police determined the workers were doing nothing wrong and arrested Gudmundsen on suspicion of felony menacing and false imprisonment. He is scheduled to appear in court June 18.

No attorney was listed for Gudmundsen in court records, but a man identifying himself as his son apologized on the family’s behalf and said Gudmundsen was undergoing treatment at a mental health facility.

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  1. “No attorney was listed for Gudmundsen in court records, but a man identifying himself as his son apologized on the family’s behalf and said Gudmundsen was undergoing treatment at a mental health facility.”
    I’m sure he was after being arrested. He obviously picked up the suggestion from President Trump’s recent rantings about antifa, which were also erroneous.

    1. You just gotta find some way to blame Trump for everything, don’t you? Is it some kind of fetish? Or just a general mental health issue?

      1. Trump is responsible for a lot of crap in this country. I blame him only for whatever he deserves to be blamed.

  2. In Loveland, there is no shortage of Redneck idiots, driving around with the 10 foot wide Stars and Bars waiving in the back of their ’84 rusted out Chevys.

  3. RealityCheck is just following a logical cause-and-effect here. Trump’s ranting regarding Antifa are a matter of public record, and it is quite logical to infer that some people have acted on these rantings, much like people have done in the past based on other Trump rants. Does it always happen, and can we say that all of his followers can and/or will act on these rants? Of course not. The majority of people out here – including Trump followers/supporters – will not automatically turn into vigilantes just because Trump explicitly or implicitly says to. Yes, some will, but those tend to be either extremists or have some mental issues (diagnosed or otherwise).

    Inciting people to commit crimes such as this, or worse, is unlawful at both the State and Federal levels. Doing so has grave consequences for those that promote the acts. In this case, our Prez has not had an effective Twitter buffer since Hope Hicks departed the White House. The current WH personnel and aides simply do not have the ability to put a curb his outbursts; he is completely unfettered. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be anyone willing to make a legal case regarding results such as in this incident. Let me be very clear – if you or I were to have made these tweets and someone acted out on them such as here (or worse), we would be legally liable and in all probability would be facing charges. What the outcome of said charges would be is hard to say, especially in lieu of what has been happening in our country. As for me, I won’t chance it.

    I spent nearly 26 years in service defending the Constitution. I find it quite galling to watch the leadership at the highest levels of this country blatantly disregarding – if not shredding – what has been enshrined in the most important document in our nation. It will be interesting to see what the rest of the nation has to say come November.

    1. Thank you for your explanation on my behalf. And thank you for your 26 years of service. Mine was less than yours, but still a lot more than our so-called “Commander-in-Chief.”

  4. Most roofing solicitors, while not Antifa, are still a menace.
    Yes, Gudmundsen was wrong to go detain them, he appears to be a former LEO and should know better.
    Did President Trump’s tweets make him lose his mind? Doubtful.
    And for everyone defending Antifa, please keep this in mind. Antifa has a history of creating situations that deny people the right to peaceably assemble through threats, intimidation, vandalism, and assaults. Second, while looking for information on the weapon Gudmundsen was using, since the reporters had no idea what they were talking about, I come across a posting from the Colorado Spring’s Antifa, not only mentioning this incident, but giving address information on Mr. Gudmundsen, plus posting information on his son and making accusations about the son’s political views.

  5. Have you all noticed that none of the delivery services ring your doorbell. There is a reason for that, it’s called Covid-19 and these 2 idiots are going around a neighborhood knocking on doors. You better have a clean health certificate if you knock on my door.

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