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Mental competency evaluation ordered for Letecia Stauch

Courtesy: Anjali Patel/WPDE

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- During a hearing Friday in the case against Letecia Stauch for allegedly killing her 11-year-old stepson, prosecutors say they only learned the day before that Stauch's defense requested a mental competency evaluation to see if she's fit to stand trial.

"The defendant is going to be evaluated for competency, which means she is going to be evaluated to see if she understands the proceedings, the nature of the charges, the role of people in the courtroom including her defense counsel, the prosecution and the judge," said Deputy District Attorney, Michael Allen.

Thursday also saw the release of an affidavit that alleges Stauch tried to plot an escape from the El Paso County jail by squeezing through the bars. Prosecutors said the charge for that incident isn't affecting how they go after the murder case.

"It's just another wrinkle in the case," he said.

Stauch is facing multiple felony charges in the death of Gannon Stauch, who was reported missing in late January in the Lorson Ranch neighborhood and later found dead in Florida. She was arrested in early March.

"We've done some further evaluation and we are confident 100% that it is Gannon's remains," Allen said.

Prosecutors said during Friday's hearing that because of the COVID-19 outbreak and the already existing backlog at the local state hospital, it could take longer than 90 days to get the competency test, further delaying the high-profile murder trial.

"As we've seen with the pandemic, everything is delayed now including competency evaluations can be delayed and thats just because of transfer issues. If you take someone from the jail, the jail is very reluctant to take them back into the jail to make sure they don't have a spread," Allen said.

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  1. She needs to be evaluated by an expert in personality disorders and human psychology.
    I believe this female is a true sociopath, has no moral compass, and is a true threat to society. Life w/o the chance of parole-always an escape risk.
    LOCK HER UP, throw away the key.

  2. If she is trying to escape from jail, what precautions are there for her not to escape the hospital?

  3. Didn’t she have a Concussion/TBI while working for a public school? Is this when her mental health turned homicidal? Lots of questions. Perhaps gov’t employees should have a preemployment TBI assessment, one for post injury, and an annual assessment. She’s an interesting specimen that’s for sure. We should be cracking their brains open (so to speak) to psychiatrists, neurologists, MD’s. Don’t let them just rot in prison, they should be donated to science to prevent the next sadistic killer. That goes for Frazee and Watts, too.

  4. She’s doing her best to pretend she’s insane, probably all advised by her slimy attorney, but she had everything planned out too well ahead of time to try to prove herself insane. Murdering a child (read the affidavit yourself), covering it up, hiding his body, creating fake alibis, bringing notes to interrogations, driving across the country to dispose….., that disgusting news interview she did so happily and proudly just a few days after she killed him (and her forced and planned cry afterwards), attacking an officer in his own vehicle after she got out of her handcuffs, planning a jail break ….I’m sorry but NONE of those planned, calculated, conscious decisions she made shows insane.

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