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Second night of protesters clashing with police in Colorado Springs



Around 10:15 Sergeant Olav Chaney read a statement to the protesters from the chief of police.

The statement read, "Over the past few days, I have thought deeply about what I could say as your city's chief of police that would make a difference following the events that transpired in Minneapolis."

"As I reflected, I came to understand that there are no words that could fully provide stability after the video that has caused so much strife, pain, anger and a negative perception of law enforcement across our entire nation," Chaney read to the crowd.

"Instead, I want to give you my honest outlook. I am not in a position to sit in judgement of another law enforcement organization." That statement drew boos from some of the protesters while others called for the crowd to "let him finish."

Sergeant Chaney continued to read the statement from Police Chief Vince Niski. "Just like we try not to judge individuals. From what I have seen and from what I know about use of force procedures, the actions of the police in Minneapolis were questionable and tragic," the statement read.

"In being transparent with everyone, I am saddened. I am saddened by Mr. Floyd's death, as every life is precious. I am saddened watching communities being burned in protest, as violence is never the answer."

"And lastly, I am saddened to see trust in law enforcement diminished. As the actions of the few do not represent us all."

The protesters demanded at least one officer take a knee with the crowd. Sergeant Chaney told them the officers could not do that for safety reasons.

Someone in the crowd threw a water bottle and fireworks followed after that.

Shortly before 11:00, a protester was arrested and the crowd chanted "peaceful protest."

At 11:45 protesters were talking back and forth with officers. They refuse to leave until a police officer takes a knee.



Protesters have taken a knee and are demanding police to do the same. They are chanting "no justice, no peace."


Protesters have returned to the POC chanting "hands up, don't shoot." They're being met by police in riot gear.


Protesters have left the Police Operations Center. Riot police have also left, and they didn't use any tear gas. Most of the crowd moved back towards City Hall.


For the second night, protesters are walking towards the Police Operations Center in downtown Colorado Springs. A crowd started marching there around 7:00 p.m.

Colorado Springs Police say protesters have blocked the intersection of Nevada and Rio Grande. They're asking people to avoid the area.

That's the same place where violence broke out Saturday around 5:30 p.m. after an afternoon of peaceful protests. Police said protesters threw glass bottles and rocks and vandalized police cruisers outside the POC.

At least one person was arrested during Saturday night's protests.

Protests started again Sunday morning. The peaceful protests continued throughout the morning and afternoon.

We have crews in downtown and we'll update this story with any new developments.

Willis Scott

Willis Scott is an evening anchor for KRDO. Learn more about Willis here.



  1. If they step outta line and thugs want be thugs…….let them have it CSPD. We don’t need that here.

    1. it’s that kind of mentality that got us here in the first place. There isn’t a bigger “thug” in this country then a rouge police officer who likes to color outside the lines.

  2. The police just don’t get it. No matter how many times you tell them. It is not about the bad apples among you. It is that you fail to weed them out and protect them. They are not your brothers. They make the job harder on you because you loose the trust of the people.

    1. Tell ‘them’? Which officers? I’m sure if I had a coworker that was a passionate racist I would know, maybe(?). But people come to work with a smile and you dont know until you know. Most cops do the best they can do, yes theres bad apples but when are they going to do something stupid? Can they be talked out of doing something stupid?
      Kinda in the same way that we only talk about the plane that crashed, not the thousands of other flights that landed safely that day…

    2. You’re absolutely correct! They just don’t get it. The chief had a few days, he could have definitely came up with a better statement then this. In fact if he really wanted to show he gave a damn, he would have delivered the message personally, like the police chief in Minneapolis. There are a bunch of bad apples in his department, hello officer David Nelson!!!!!

    3. Are you really that intellectually challenged?
      “It is that you fail to weed them out and protect them.”
      You are aware, are you not, that the officer in the Floyd case was fired and arrested? Don’t see any protected there, and he was clearly “weeded out.”
      Seems like it is YOU who just doesn’t get it.

  3. Call me a conspiracy nut, but this all seems staged. Meaning, a virus that favors elderly and African Americans. Make sure virus is spread then incite violence amongst that group knowing they arent going to social distance or wear a mask. Or could it be the virus isn’t what they said it was and these people wont spread the virus and fall I’ll in droves…(?) Crazy world we live in now.

  4. It is sad that the message from peaceful protesters was marred by the Antifa members cowardly hiding in the back throwing objects and setting off firework in an attempt to make the police engage.

  5. Man…I’m so glad this Libtarded ass city council and mayor have our better interest…my ass….

  6. Glad to see AOC and her ilk are supporting the thugs burning down cities and threatening all white people. At least all of them are consistent in their complete hatred of America.

  7. The police started it by acting like thugs. having a badge does not give you the right to treat people like sh&t. If they want peace, they need to learn it themselves.

  8. I have lots of trust, respect and support for all our men and women in law enforcement but where was the Chief last night? Totally missed it by sending in one of his Seargents. Very much cowardash. He is a failed chief if he cant stand up in front but send a messenger! That was sad. In my mind he needs to retire, step aside and let someone be a real Leader….something he is not.


  9. “I will never attend an anti-war (anti-justice, anti-peace) rally; if you have a Peace rally, invite me.” – Mother Teresa

    “No Justice, No Peace” or “Know Justice, Know Peace?” That is the question.

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