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Colorado’s state health dept. revises method of counting COVID-19 deaths; 878 deaths as of Friday

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DENVER -- Colorado's fatalities related to COVID-19 will now be counted as two separate data points, said the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in a release Friday.

Up to this point, anyone who died while testing positive for COVID-19 was counted as a coronavirus-related death.

Now, state health officials will distinguish between people who died directly because of the virus and people who had COVID-19 at their time of death but died of other causes that may not be attributable to the virus.

The two categories are now reflected on the state's coronavirus data dashboard. Going forward, the state will report "Deaths Due to COVID-19" and "Deaths Among COVID-19" as separate data points.

The number of deaths due to COVID-19 reported by the CDC in Colorado is 878 as of May 9.

The number of deaths among COVID-19 reported by the state is 1,150 as of Friday.

State health officials also emphasized that these new data points will not change the information on death certificates or attempt to question a cause-of-death determination.

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  1. So it looks as though Colorado has been undercounting deaths by about 24%.
    This just as many people are clamoring about not being able to go about their business as usual…

    1. No, they have been Over counting deaths. So people who had Covid and died of other reasons now do not go towards the direct covid deaths nunber. This brings the numbers down significantly.
      Like the guy who drank himself to death and had a BAC level of .55 was counted as a covid death because he tested positive. The COVID didnt really kill him the alcohol toxicity did.
      So because of limited testing I still say many many more people have had it and never had an issue. So more peole have had it and now we see less people have died from it directly. Dropping the death rate to below 1%. Thats fantastic. Lets open up the economy and stop hiding in fear of predictiins and use real data. Its not that bad. More people die in car crashes, should we close roads and cut the speed limits in half everywhere?

    2. Mt Reality check posts that to provide confusion on the article which clearly states they have been counting deaths that were caused by other things


    In truth no one has died of the COVID-19 virus in the world. Every death can be attributed to the heart stopping. So every death his heart related.

    1. Clinical death can be declared for reasons other than cardiac arrest, while the heart continues to beat. And some patients undergoing heart surgery have their heart not pumping, but they’re not clinically dead. So your “smart” answer doesn’t hold water.

  3. Polis: Mr. President Colorado needs more federal aid.

    Trump: Explain to me again why Colorado numbers are so high!

    2 Days later: NEWSFLASH Colorado COVID-19 deaths lower than 1st reported.

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