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Gov. Polis says Castle Rock restaurant’s license to be suspended after defying public health order

Castle Rock Restaurant nick puckett
Colorado Community Media
A still frame from video provided by Colorado Community Media

DENVER - Colorado Gov. Jared Polis says the license of a Castle Rock restaurant that opened for business on Mother's Day, despite a public health order shuttering dining rooms, will be suspended.

Now, C&C Coffee and Kitchen in Castle Rock will have to close until the Tri-County Department of Public Health determines they're following laws and orders in place. Gov. Polis made the announcement during a press briefing Monday afternoon.

A video posted by Colorado Community Media showed the crowd inside C&C Coffee and Kitchen.

People were sitting at tables and waiting in line at the counter. More people waited in line outside to get in, according to the Associated Press.

C&C has a location in north Colorado Springs, as well, but that location's license is still active.

Two restaurants in Calhan, Karen's Kafe and Stephanie's Bar & Grill, kept their dining rooms open despite an order to cease and desist from El Paso County Public Health. No further action has been taken as of Monday evening.




  1. These fools have a death wish. If any of them get sick can you do a follow up on them. Shame there are some idiots that have no sense.

  2. $47,941,207…is the amount of tax payer money spent on building temporary hospitals that saw zero patients. If only the state could have helped out small business owners instead of pandering to the panic…

    1. It wasn’t pandering to a panic. It was preparation for overflow that turned out not to be needed because social distancing worked. But nobody could see how it was gonna go.

  3. Can,t the health dept close them down ?if not they need to be closed permanently

  4. Free publicity. The fact that they won’t get shut down and they know it only rewards bad behavior while other restaurants doing the civically right thing don’t get recognized.

  5. No One is BEING FORCED to going into these establishments that are OPEN to do business, against The Government’s DICTATORIAL Demands to remain CLOSED! You whiny, pitiful Lemmings who ‘think’ that everyone MUST follow Your Group-Fears and bow down to The False gods of government, apparently DENY History’s Lessons. If Other people are going into these places of service, it’s their own CHOICE, NOT Yours! Service industries Can Not ‘claim’ Lost Income on their taxes, because of HOW revenue codes are written and there was no way to Know definitively what would have been earned, even when people skip payments-in-full to the service people. Reports of ‘doxxing’ those who report those breaking ranks and resuming business, are seeing people fearing for their own! Karma happens to the Left, not just the Right; Shoe is on the other foot!

    1. You know there are some classic sci-fi movies with characters like you in them. They usually get eaten by the monster.

      1. Mouth diaper, fear mask, or muzzle, when one of the three are you wearing?

    2. All our leaders have tried to do is what has worked in other countries to stem the SPREAD of covid. Of course, its our country thats having a problem with it.. As for your argument of people making a choice to go out or not is fallible in that these people can still spread it to others. That’s the point. See beyond your personal bubble and have some care and thought of your fellow countrymen. Most of those who are the most vulnerable have been through some SHIT in their lives and the least we can do is our part to protect them from a death they dont deserve.
      Have a heart and stop thinking only of yourself. This isnt about what governor you dislike or what you think are your rights.
      This is about public health, and peoples TRUE right to stay healthy or at least not die from this disease.

      1. You do realize that 66% of hospitalizations in New York were people who stayed at home and obeyed the order. 2/3rds thats huge.
        Explain that when the whole city is shut down.
        I am an essential employee and on all of our construction sites where people are closer than restraints all day long and there have not been any infections. We have never shut down, if anything people on site have gone up throughout this whole ordeal.

        1. Doc. I haven’t heard or seen any data, and since science is your main Subject, my question, is there a harm, when wearing mask, i.e. cO2 intake,

          1. Yes. Surgeons die every day during surgery after being overcome by C02 from wearing a mask.

          2. Run this SEARCH: Gov. Cuomo: ‘Shocking’ 2/3 of hospitalized COVID patients had stayed home First one I saw was NBC, then CNBC, and so on. A QUOTE From Cuomo

          3. Why run the search? If COVID can get to people who stayed home you should be very, very afraid. This virus can apparently climb through windows, doors and walk through walls.

        2. I can explain it. The virus is so contagious that if you’re someone like an old person in an old folks home and basically follow a stay at home order by default, you are still highly likely to get it from your healthcare worker who, unfortunately, cannot stay home. Does that work?

      2. Actually, all of the governments was using the Ferguson effect, ( you know the scientist who’s models the government are using , yes the same dude, who knowingly infected a married lady who both broke stay home orders, you should see his take on the mad cow disease, black and white classic), how do you explain that the last count of infected Chinese viruse was noted that 66% of those infected, never left their house, etc,etc,etc….

        1. Not sure what you’re asking but if 66% never left their house then you oughta be real scared of this virus. You’re describing a virus that can climb through windows, doors, and is possibly capable of walking through solid walls. That’s one legit virus.

        2. Or, are you saying that the virus only lives in doors and not outside in public places like diners?

      3. There’s about 5.759 Million people in the state of Colorado, 326 to 329 Million people in the US, 7.8 Billion; if you can’t do the math for percentages, there are calculators you can look up to assist. When PERCENTAGES get closer to 10% of Infected and Deaths, THEN will I be more concerned, until then, I’m more Alarmed about Any Government Person OVER-REACHING ‘their’ authorities, as The possibility of Police State will Condemn more people to Death, like in Hitler’s Germany or even today’s China! Until that happens, This country has A Constitution Preventing all this, going too far!

        1. It’s not about you. It’s about “us” and “them.” The reason our numbers are low in CO are because we took early action. Had we not we may have gotten to 10%. How is this not clear to you?

  6. 100% agree with blue62 if their actions don’t negatively impact anyone else. That is one aspect of freedom, right? To not have others poor choices impact you? Will the patrons of this restaurant tell everyone they come in contact with over the next two weeks they chose to not social distance or wear a mask and let that person choose whether to come in contact with them? Otherwise, they are imposing the impacts of their choice on the unsuspecting and infringing on their freedom to choose how they want to avoid getting covid-19.

  7. Publicity stunt. What is the liability for the restaurant owner when someone gets Covid and the contact is traced to a patron/server? I sure wouldn’t want to be responsible for anyone getting sick just for $. Guess these people just don’t care 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Remember, the whole aspect of the stay at home orders were not about spreading the Chinese virus, but to keep hospitals from being overrun, you can’t keep moving the goal post my friend, it’s way to hard on your back

      1. Not a Chinese virus. Just like the Spanish Influenza was not Spanish. It was from Kansas.
        The Stay At Home order was about decreasing viral transmission and infection, to avoid overburdening hospitals.
        But do go on.

      2. And The Hospitals are experiencing a Lack of patients, and resorting to terming Any Death as Wuhan Novel Corvid 19, not as a Contributor, BUT as Singular Cause, in effect LYING to get more funding!

  8. Their license has been suspended for 30 days. Now someone needs to call their inusrance company and tell they that they are trying to kill people.

    1. That kind of backfired, didn’t it 😂
      Oops I forgot that I needed a LICENSE TO OPERATE A RESTAURANT

  9. The people in that restaurant just said ‘Let’s Roll!’. And to prove they meant it they were willing to risk their lives and those of their families. The lockdown is about to fall apart in Colorado, and a Mother’s Day breakfast kicked it off.
    If they try to keep that restaurant closed there will likely by mass protests (sans masks). The sort of co-operative effort needed for a health lockdown obviously requires cooperation, and that has left the building.
    Americans are not patient and pretty much despise cowering even when the wise so advise, and this sentiment was perfectly expressed by Thomas Paine :”If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace;” Trouble is here, not really avoidable, and now were are going to face it.

  10. I hope they didn’t screw it up for the other restaurants that are following the RULES.

  11. Polis is such a POS. This restaurant, just like other small businesses, need to open up because they have a responsibility to their employees. Again, if you don’t want to go, don’t go. Your right to live in fear does not trump my right to live!! Again, Polis is a POS.

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