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Hair cuts, in-person shopping allowed in much of Colorado

Prodigy Salon

DENVER (AP) - Getting a hair cut and shopping in person at retail stores are allowed again in much of Colorado as the state continues to ease restrictions set up to stop the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

However, stay at home orders remained in place for much of the Denver area on Friday, with only essential businesses like grocery, liquor and hardware stores open there.

Goodwill is reopening 16 stores around Colorado with changes to protect people’s safety.

Dressing rooms will be closed and one-way aisles have been set up to make it easier for customers to stay 6 feet apart.

Offices can re-open starting Monday but only with half the usual number of employees.

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  1. So thankful that this virus only spreads at places of Employment; imagine if this virus were to spread in the bread line! Ohhhh man would we be in trouble. At least Polis understands that staying at home doing nothing but stressing can cause depression and anxiety which ultimately will KILL

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