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Colorado Springs cuts $20 million from budget, enacts local government hiring freeze

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The City of Colorado Springs is already feeling the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now millions of dollars have been cut from much-needed programs.

Officials have already cut $20 million from the city budget to make up for lost revenue. A hiring freeze has been implemented and Mayor John Suthers said the city has 100 fewer employees than it did at this time last year.

"We are going to see a precipitous decline in revenue," Mayor Suthers said. "And we're going to have to do what we need to do to deal with that."

The mayor said the city will continue to ensure it has a balanced budget amid the pandemic. Now, things like recreation projects, improvements to police centers, and Americans With Disabilities Act improvements are being put on hold.

But after cutting $20 million in capital projects, Suthers predicts more cuts will follow.

"I think the next phase is that we're going to have to have some across-the-board wage cuts," Suthers said.

The mayor added that at every stage of the pandemic, officials will need to evaluate revenue shortfall and find a way to make up for it.

But Suthers is remaining optimistic about the future of Colorado Springs.

"I'm still trying pursuant to our goal of adding 120 police officers, 32 firefighters by 2022. I still have every hope in the world of doing that."

A city spokesperson told KRDO on Friday it's difficult to predict how much of a toll COVID-19 will have on the city's checkbook. Officials are awaiting April sales tax numbers that they won't receive until June.

Suthers also added that no furloughs or layoffs have been put in place at this time.

The city believes there will likely be additional "trigger points" in the summer and fall.

Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



  1. We should get rid of all the bike lanes and clothes to homeless shelters that would easily save $20 million a year.

  2. Suthers was warned that the over expansion of Colorado Springs was not a good thing for us. Like many mayors they make the mistake of thinking that expanding and more expanding is always a good thing for a city and themselfs, it is not.

    Wait for all those over priced McMansions built in recent years to go into foreclosure. Will be ugly for many but price corrections will be an opportunity for others to get into a overinflated housing market that they were priced out of.

  3. “The over expansion of Colorado Springs was not a good thing for us.”

    But we’re building a new Olympic Center, and a sports arena, and closing a primary power plant; and …

    And ooops. We were warned. Oh well; back to mowing our own parks and turning off the streetlights.

    1. True and wait for them to ask for tax increases to fix our problems again….My response will be a one finger salute to them.

    2. You know it will happen. The whole streetlight things was a huge joke. They spent more in turning them off and then turning them back on than they ever saved in the electric bill.

  4. The cure is worse than the problem.

    Open the city back up! This is what China wanted. They wanted to bring the American economy to its knees because we were about to demolish their economy.

    The numbers do not support the restrictions. Now even medical people are being laid off and hospitals are hurting.

    1. I never imagined Colorado Springs becoming a socialized city, and now it is going that way.

      Thanks, big developer money, thanks.

  5. Top Articles Today:
    -Domestic Violence, Suicide and Divorce rates are way up.
    -City going broke and cutting hours and employees and along with capital projects(So much for that research and power interchange.
    -Nurses being laid off due to lack of patients (COVID and regular)
    -Emergency rooms are at a record low number of patients. Reducing hours/laying off staff.
    -Record number of unemployment claims.
    -Addiction to alcohol and drugs is way up due to quarantine.

    Meanwhile out of the 5.8million people in Colorado 485 have died. Only 55 in El Paso County. Many of whom were on their way out anyways or have an underlying medical conditions.

    The remainder… 80% or more of the population is suffering and going broke.

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