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UCHealth announces ‘personal protective equipment specialist’ role

ppe specialist uchealth

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Starting Monday, some UCHealth workers will be stepping into a new role: a personal protective equipment specialist.

In a release Saturday, UCHealth officials announced that 36 PPE specialists will join the healthcare workforce after transitioning from other roles amid the COVID-19 crisis.

"Many of the [PPE] employees usually work in surgical areas, but because elective surgeries have been postponed, they will move to other key positions during the coronavirus pandemic," said hospital officials.

UCHealth says PPE specialists will have a crucial role in keeping other members of the team safe. The specialists have undergone additional training to ensure PPE is always being used properly to avoid any potential exposure.

“Your team members are feeling fatigued, anxious or stressed. That’s when their guard comes down and people aren’t paying attention to the details of donning and doffing that are so important,” said clinical nurse specialist Chris Eastlake during training. “It’s important to remind staff to slow down and to let us help.”

Some of the their responsibilities will include anticipating and planning for risks associated with PPE, participating in daily infection control phone meetings, assisting with cleaning of shields and other equipment and ensuring a proper stock of equipment on carts, said UCHealth. The specialists will also be available 24/7 on units with COVID-19.

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  1. “Many of the [PPE] employees usually work in surgical areas”
    Surgical staff are generally the best trained anyway in the use of PPE, because of their need to maintain sterile environments in the course of their normal work. So it’s a perfect fit for an important job.

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