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Two more deaths from COVID-19 reported in El Paso County; total up to 7

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Two more people in El Paso County have died from complications linked to COVID-19, the public health department confirmed to KRDO Thursday.

That brings the total number of deaths in the county to 7 as of March 26.

The identities of the two people who died weren't released, and we don't know their ages or if they had underlying health issues at this time. A spokesperson with the department said details would be available later Thursday.

According to state figures, 19 people had died in Colorado as of Wednesday evening. A website run by the state is updating at 4 p.m. every day with new statistics.

A stay-at-home order has been issued for the entire state to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. People are urged to stay inside until April 11 and only go out for essential tasks. A list of essential businesses can be found here.

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  1. “According to state figures, 19 people had died in Colorado as of Wednesday evening.”
    Oh my!
    And now for a little perspective…. According to the CDC, in Colorado, annual death rates in our state are:
    Heart Disease: More than 6000
    Cancer: More than 7000
    Stroke: More than 1500
    Influenza (the flu): More than 700
    Suicide: More than 1000
    But we’re gonna shut down for 19 deaths from COVID-19. Ummm…. ok.

    1. I didn’t know it has been a year of the Pandemic in Colorado. It’s always good to study what your commenting on. People are trying to prevent an untreatable virus from getting worse. Your suggestion has already been practiced by Italy and a host of other nations.

    2. It has not even got here yet. Wait until it gets here and then give us some numbers. You list annual rates and the numbers we are looking at are daily. In NY city it’s 100 a day dying. In Spain the death rate is 38% currently.

  2. Imperial College of Medicine in UK that previously said half million Brits would die of the virus has now revised their numbers to no more than 20,000– half of whom would have died by the end of the year anyway because of pre-existing conditions. Now predict it will begin to subside within two weeks. (UK normal flu deaths is around 29k per year).

    1. Don’t read headlines, read behind what is being done. Trump tells us everything is fine and getting better while behind the scene the military is asking retired medical personnel to return to active duty. In England they tell you how wonderful yet are asking retired medical staff to come back to work. You want me to go on?

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