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Construction zone traffic rules to increase in I-25 gap


DENVER - The Colorado State Patrol and Department of Transportation have increased traffic enforcement along an expansion project on Interstate 25 after a rise in crashes.

Colorado Public Radio reported Wednesday that data from the transportation department shows about 390 crashes occurred the year after construction started in central Colorado, which is more than 100 more than the year before.

The expansion project started in September 2018 along an 18-mile stretch between Monument and Castle Rock.

The State Patrol has started enforcing more crash-prevention measures, including aerial tracking and lowering the speed limit.

Construction is expected to conclude in 2022. 

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  1. It won’t get any better when the pay lane is finished. Now commuters will pay to sit in traffic. Let’s all thank CDOT again for stealing El Paso County tax dollars!!

  2. It is pretty much a joke. That’s what happens when Democrats are in power they don’t listen to what the people want because they’re smarter than us.

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