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The School Buzz: Woodland Park elementary school students publish two books

Most of us are learning how to read at 7-years-old. At Merit Academy, students that age are writing their own published books.

First and second-graders at the Woodland Park elementary school read their self-written excerpts last Thursday in front of staff and parents at a gala meant to celebrate "Animals Around The Globe" and "This Place Is A Zoo!"

Becky Edgin (2nd-grade teacher) and Minerva Richardson (1st-grade) took their students to the zoo recently; that was enough inspiration for students to write both books.

Not only did the students spend months writing, editing and revising each book, but they also illustrated it themselves.

While not for sale, the books will be submitted to the Library of Congress.

"It's something that really needs to be celebrated. Reading and writing are so important, and so doing something that enhances that, and gets kids excited to do those things, that's what we're all about," said Edgin.

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