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The School Buzz: Students, teachers provide ‘Miles Of Smiles’ every semester at Pine Creek High

Cheerleaders, band students, and club members from Pine Creek High School spent a recent morning holding up positive signs and playing music for fellow students arriving at school. It's part of a program called Miles Of Smiles.

The Colorado Springs high school does the positive event about once a semester. It's organized by a club at Pine Creek called The Friends Of Rachel, which aims to create a positive learning school environment.

"We started this many years ago as a club standing on the street where students come into park and parents drop off their kids holding up signs and waving in the morning," said Jeff Keller, a math teacher and sponsor of the event at Pine Creek.

"We love to start the day spreading kindness, getting cars to 'honk for smiles,' and letting people know that there are students that care about them," said Keller.

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Josh Helmuth

Josh is an anchor for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Josh here.

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