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The School Buzz: D-3 elementary school students, staff dress up as beloved custodian

He’s not a teacher. Not a counselor. He's not even the superintendent. He’s the janitor. And he’s made a special impact at one local elementary school.

It’s "spirit week" this week at Sunrise Elementary in Colorado Springs. As part of the week, staff and students surprised their head custodian, dressing up like him, all to celebrate his 41 years with the district. Wednesday was dubbed “Dress Like Mr. Netter Day.”

Wayne Netter is the head custodian at Sunrise. He’s from Widefield (class of ’81). He’s been with Sunrise specifically for 36 years.

“Well, I was here first. So then I saw them coming in, ya know, one after another, it was like ‘wow, these people have really got me nailed. Am I that predictable? I think so,'" joked Netter.

Netter said that people really care about each other at Sunrise. His advice to others is simply to “treat everyone equally because we’re all here to help students and make them better.”

In his spare time, Netter works on old race cars. He does plan on making it year 42 at Sunrise next year.

October 2 is National Custodian Appreciation Day. 

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Josh Helmuth

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