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The School Buzz: Calhan music teachers recognized for creative adjustments during pandemic

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic forcing them to adjust their plans, two Calhan music teachers have been recognized for their exceptional work in adjusting successfully with their students.

Casey Gerczynski teaches band at Calhan. When the pandemic forced her class to give up wind instruments, she adjusted by starting her own curriculum surrounding bucket drumming, similar to what one may see with street performers; students are still able to learn rhythm and ensemble technique.

LeeCathryn Highfield is the school's choir teacher. She turned her vocal choir in a handbell choir when singing was suspended due to the virus.

“Their efforts were special," said Dave Slothower, the Calhan superintendent, who gave the two teachers a recent award. "Thank you for your innovative and hard work during this challenging time. Our students, staff and community are lucky to have you part of the Calhan family!" he said.

Highfield spoke on camera with the district, noting how well the students have adjusted.

“Kids are really liking the tone chimes. They’re having fun with them. Some of them, yes, we miss singing. But it’s another creative outlet they never knew existed," she said.

There is at least one concert scheduled in Calhan for the spring.

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