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Co. Springs D-11 launching new hydroponics program

Colorado Springs D-11 is re-designing and launching a new curriculum for students interested in agriculture. Hopes are that it may help students with early college credit or land a job or internship right after graduation considering the focus on practical, work-based learning.

D-11 has what’s called Career Pathways. It’s part of of their Career and Technical Education program at the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus. Their newest offering is "hydroponics," growing plants without soil.

The curriculum will be offered starting this fall to all D-11 high school students. The district says the classes are rigorous. The students will go over horticulture, greenhouse management, urban agriculture. They’ll have to assemble or construct a hydroponics system, germinate and grow seedlings, monitor and regulate pH of the nutrient solution, and, of course, take care of the plants and harvest.

Transportation is free from all four of D-11’s traditional high schools to the RJWAC and back.

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