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Health officials: Coronavirus vaccine still 6-8 months away


ANNAPOLIS, Md. - It will likely be at least six to eight months longer before a coronavirus vaccine can be distributed in a best-case scenario, leading Maryland health officials and lawmakers said as they make plans for the state.

Senate President Bill Ferguson said he spoke on Tuesday with one of the principal investigators at Johns Hopkins University who is working on a vaccine now in its third phase. While there has been remarkable progress, Ferguson said Wednesday that the logistics that go into distributing a vaccine are “enormous and herculean.”

“I think it’s really important that we keep that in mind moving forward as we make decisions about the future of Maryland - that even with an amazing light-speed approval, it is still six to eight months from that point until we’ll start to see the impact on herd immunity overall, so there is time to go in this ballgame,” Ferguson, a Baltimore Democrat, said during a meeting of a legislative panel on the coronavirus.

Robert Neall, Maryland’s health secretary, emphasized that people need to be prepared to use available tools like masks and handwashing well into next year.


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    1. The election will be over, Trump will be a lame-duck President for 2 months, and then things will get back to a new normal in January, but Covid-19 will still be with us. Any one who can’t understand that is just not very smart.

      1. Absolutely right. In my opinion: Trump will win election night and category 5 riots will be from dusk-dawn, all 50 states. A week later he’ll lose the popular vote after the mail in ballots are counted and It’ll be a final Harris-Biden victory. That’s when 2 separate riots will come face to face in the streets. It will be like Redcoats vs Yankees. Thousands on one side and thousands on the other pointing guns at each other. A Fort Sumter like event will occur and heads will roll. Then the next wave of Covid will be Thanksgiving-Christmas, everything will be boarded up and you’ll see the last breath of what was previously America.

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