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‘I am innocent’: Letecia Stauch claims mental illness in newly released letter

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Letecia Stauch, the southern Colorado woman accused of murdering her 11-year-old stepson Gannon Stauch, is claiming she is "not mentally well" and is being held in jail wrongfully, despite clearing two mental competency evaluations.

In a letter just obtained by KRDO, Stauch wrote to Judge Gregory Werner back in February of 2021 asking to represent herself because she believed her legal team at the time was "in cahoots" with the prosecution.

Stauch said in the letter that she believes the doctor who performed one of her competency evaluations was "clearly an actress and friends with the D.A." She said she was diagnosed with a condition, which is redacted from the letter, back in 2016 and received treatment for it. She also claims a South Carolina school district let her medically resign from her position with the district due to "ongoing reality breaks".

Stauch claims she tried to get her previous legal team to consider her medical records from South Carolina, and that she had to pay a "firm" to get access to those records.

The letter goes on to mention that she didn't believe her former attorneys were taking enough steps to obtain evidence in her case.

"Since March 2020, I asked my attorneys to preserve the Gamestop footage, to locate the Texas Police Officer whom I spoke with, and to get the Cruise passenger list. Instead, they spent months contacting my family for mitigation," Stauch writes, adding that she believes her attorneys shared information with her family that they weren't supposed to, leading to disputes.

Then, Stauch mentions that she has a biological son and believes that others involved with the crime are walking free.

"I will not put myself or others in danger running the defense against my biological son when the system is letting two men run free who are involved. One is a prominent member of an 'independent business.' They used the NGRI (to get a hearing) knowing I’m Not Guilty to cover up their lack of representation. Although, I had “bouts of insanity” and still do, I did not murder or abuse anyone nor would that be a defense because it’s my understanding that you actually did do it. However, I will protect my bio son and I will protect the drugs and violence documented from my stepson," Stauch wrote.

Tune in to KRDO News Channel 13 tonight at 5:00 p.m. for a full report on the newly released letter from Stauch.

Here is the full letter:

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  1. Is this a public trial? How is releasing this information not tainting the jury pool?
    Unfortunately there is a legal difference between mentally ill and insanity.
    § 16-8-103. Pleading insanity as a defense.
    She may have prior diagnoses of mental illness, but if she was found competent to stand trial as the statute mandates, this is a dead issue.

    1. Not everyone reads these news sources. And many who do, don’t absorb what they read.

    2. From her letter, it looks as if she opted for a trial by Judge. She won’t have a jury.

  2. If you read the letter it is composed pretty well. She has it structured in a way that shows she is very competent mentally. There is nothing in the past that she was diagnosed with that could justify murdering a young child, hiding the body and driving across the US to dump the body. That right there shows she is very competent. She knew what she did was wrong and work very intelligently to hide said crime. She is just grasping for anything right now because she KNOWS she is going to jail for a very long time if she doesn’t get the death penalty. Here attorneys probably told her the truth. You have nothing to stand on in your defense after her mental evaluation.
    I think it is funny that she says she is mentally crazy then also goes on tot say she is completely innocent and they have the wrong person……..

  3. Catch-22. By making a clear and concise argument that you are crazy proves that you are not. She would stand a better chance if she ran around naked, roll in poo and bark at the moon. On second thought that would just proof she is leading an alternative lifestyle. Guilty as charged.

  4. Wonder if she disclosed her diagnosis on the D20 application she did for a job there right before her excursion into murdering the child? Hope someone subpoenas that document.

    There a lots of people in jail and prison that are innocent. Lets let them all go based on their word.

  5. She is a school teacher. She is not crazy or mentally ill. She is realizing that she can’t defend herself , so she is trying anything she can. Yup wrote a good letter, so what. The unabomber wrote a good letter too.

  6. This is why I believe the justice system needs to be revamped so that people who commit crimes while mentally ill are legally found “Guilty but insane” as opposed to “Not guilty by reason of insanity.” Then an insanity plea could not be seen as a way to beat the system.

    1. Insanity is difficult to proof. You need to show that at the time of the crime you did not know that you are doing wrong. By hiding and transporting the body she showed that she was not insane and was fully aware that her actions where wrong.

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