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Colorado restaurants wait for answers on staying open later

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- On Tuesday, Governor Polis issued an Executive Order announcing that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) could extend closing times for restaurants in each county, but restaurants are left to wait on answers from CDPHE.

KRDO reached out to several local restaurants, they all told our crews that they don't know what this means for them. One restaurant told us they called both CDPHE and the Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement Division trying to find out if they could stay open later.

When we reached out to CDPHE, they told us that the Governor's Executive Order is the first step, their department also needs to issue a Public Health Order (PHO) to change closing times. We asked when that might happen, and they told us that that the current PHO expires next week and they will keep us updated.

We spoke to Martin Troy, the General Manager of Jack Quinn's Irish Pub and Restaurant. He told us that he's hopeful the PHO will come to a decision in time for their biggest day of business all year -- St. Patrick's Day.

Each restaurant told us that before the pandemic, they made a good portion of their revenue from those late-night hours.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, last call hours have fluctuated as COVID-19 cases have risen and fallen.

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  1. The tried and true Governmental “Hurry up and wait”, this military community knows this quite well…

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