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City councilwoman says recreational marijuana could repair Colorado Springs economy

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City Council member Jill Gaebler advocates lifting the city-wide ban on recreational marijuana in Colorado Springs, claiming it could help the local economy recover from the negative impact COVID-19 has had.

Last month, we reported when a Colorado College professor claimed cannabis could curb the city's budget.

Neal Rappaport said recreational cannabis could cover 88% of the city's $20 million budget cut; estimates were comprised of demographic data, state data, city budgets, and tax reports. Rappaport says it won't cover everything but could put a huge dent in making up those cuts.

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers says he will not support a recreational marijuana measure for the sake of the community's reputation.

"So what else should we legalize? We could legalize prostitution, that would make more money," Mayor John Suthers said. "You gotta determine what the harm is of what you're legalizing."

Suthers claims that recreational cannabis could jeopardize major manufacturing business from coming to the Springs and U.S. Space Command from being located in Colorado Springs permanently.

Colorado Springs City Councilwoman Jill Gaebler isn't worried legalizing recreational marijuana hurt the city's chance of becoming the home to U.S. Space Command.

"We did get a list of criteria for what the federal government was looking for in the location for Space Command," Gaebler said. "And marijuana was not listed on any of the criteria."

Gaebler says, while she understand the mayor has a large influence, council doesn't need his approval to move forward.

"To put it out to the voters, we would need five votes from council," Gaebler said. "And ballot measures cannot be vetoed by the mayor."

Colorado Springs voters voters approved Amendment 64 in 2012, which approved the sale of recreational marijuana, before city council went back on it the next year.

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Lauren Barnas



  1. It could. But y’all are a bunch of backward conservative window lickers down in this crap hole of a town. Thanks for all you ruin!

    1. You can drive a little farther to get your weed pothead.
      When you get a job, save some money and you can move somewhere else.
      Pothead Logic: Weed makes everything better.
      Reality: No, no it does not. Look what has happened to CO since they legalized pot.
      But the. Again you probably moved here to get high. Thanks for the homeless boom!

      1. Reality: cannabis oils wiped out my stage 4 metastatic Breast cancer.
        going on over 2 years of clean PET scans.

        Reality: I am nearly pain-free- w/o any opiates.

        Reality: cities who have benefitted from recreational pot revenues-google it

      2. Lol you ever wanna compare earnings I’ll gladly meet you in person and slap the stupid and ugly your mother gave you with a stack of my earnings documents.

  2. They need to look at other states/cities that have legal rec and military and see what/if there are any problems.

    1. problems like:
      the ability to give $2m in scholarships to deserving graduates.

      google this:

      cities who have benefited from recreational pot revenues

    2. The military is the federal governments glorified daycare not ours. And our laws don’t need to cater to it.

  3. Legalized prostitution could bring in money too. But we all know it won’t be legal until the Government can figure out how to control it so they can collect taxes for their typical “Roads and schools ” routine.

  4. Thank you Mayor Suthers for being a rational voice of opposition against shortsighted solutions that aim to turn Colorado Springs into “Denver-Lite”. If people crave the so-called benefits of recreational pot revenues then they should go create their own social experiment nightmare in some other place. In the quest for quick fixes ” you think it could repair the Colorado Springs economy”, “you feel this, you feel that”, “Google says this, Google says that”. Great, now proposed new policy is being fashioned because “Google says so”. It must be a miracle that the human race survived this long prior to the advent of Google. Give me a break. The human race will probably not survive the ignorance demonstrated by politicians. Thank you again Mayor Suthers.

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