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Viral TikTok of 8-month-old Colorado Springs boy tossed into pool causes controversy

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A Colorado Springs mom says she’s getting death threats after a video of a local swim instructor tossing her baby into a pool went viral.

It’s gotten at least 50 million views on TikTok where it was originally posted, and at least 20 million more on Twitter.

It sparked controversy about whether the practice is safe for young kids. Little Fins Swim School instructor Jillian Armstrong tells KRDO it’s meant to teach kids what to do in case they fall into water. 

"This is not something that we do in the first class at all," Armstrong said. "This is a work in progress. We are certified swim instructors and went through extensive training."

Armstrong said baby Oliver came to a float position after he was thrown in, but if he hadn't, she would have intervened.

"We only let them stay under water for about three to five seconds before I will pick them up and bring them up onto the surface of the water," she said.

The swim school says it’s received hate mail, but also calls from people wanting to enroll their children in classes.

Krysta Meyer is the mom of 8-month-old baby Oliver you see in the video. She's also been getting mixed reaction.

"I've never been so loved and hated all at the same time," Meyer said. "People were just telling me that I'm a psychopath, that I'm psychotic for doing that to my kids...that I should just die."

Meyer said she doesn't let the hate get to her, because she knows her love for her two boys.

"Everything I spend my money on, everything I put my time in to, it's all 100% for my kids. There's not one thing I can think of that I don't do for my kids," Meyer said.

She started her TikTok months ago as a joke or maybe to watch a funny video. Meyer tells KRDO she didn't expect the fame or views, but is using her platform to promote water safety.

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  1. This is a great swim lesson practice. It has been done for decades. There is no cruelty or abuse about it. I would rather have my kids dunked then find them dead in a pool because they didn’t know what to do. Plus the kids 99% of the time love it.

    1. Absolutely.
      It’s interesting that none of the negative reviews of this school have anything to do with the methods of teaching, only with person-to-person disagreements. Sounds like they may have one person whose attitude doesn’t appeal to everyone.

  2. This is a common practice of instruction for children of this age. The child was never in danger. There are many ignorant people in the world who are quick to complain and vilify others.

      1. Thanks for being a good mom, Krysta Meyer, by making sure your little one can save himself if he falls into the water. There are grown people who can’t save themselves if they fall into the water. If you know nothing about water safety and/or swimming, it gets harder to learn as you grow older.

  3. Great survival and confidence skills for the children, but I would share only with friends and family. The mob mentality wants to tell everyone how or how not to live their lives!

    1. Right?! I am so sick of these whining people, who speak on things they know NOTHING about, that insult, attack, threaten and judge others non-stop about everything. I am so done with it.

  4. I had my son in a class like this 41 years ago! You know what he’s not going to do? He’s not going to panic and drown when he falls into the water. And…. they fall. It’s not pretty, they don’t gently place themselves in the pool. I personally think anyone who has a pool needs to have their babies enrolled in this!

  5. I guess the people that are upset about this proven concept would rather we coddle infants around water so we can have toddlers drown?

  6. This is EXACTLY how I learned to swim almost 35 years ago. I then I taught my brothers the same way. Something wrong with this new weak crybaby culture we have now.

    1. I agree. Everyone of a certain generation is a crybaby almost. It is so old!!!

    2. And I will say this: If these weak, whining babies don’t start seeing beyond the here and now and their emotions, it will be the downfall of this country. It can AND WILL happen. The more generations that are raised by this weak mentality, the more it becomes an entire country full of weak people and we WILL lose our freedom. We WILL be taken by countries like North Korea or Russia. People don’t want to believe that but bullies look for the weak and strike. It really is that simple.

  7. Another reason why to limit social media use. You open your self up for the crazies to comment and send you hateful messages.

    1. You beat me to the punch there, and I agree 100%. Every time people post personal information to the world there’s a serious risk associated with it.

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