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Political fireworks in US House CO District 5 race ahead of June Primary Elections

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)-- It may be the most heated battle in the Colorado primary elections: The race for the District 5 seat.

Currently, that position is held by Republican congressman Doug Lamborn.

Colorado's fifth congressional district, which includes Colorado Springs, leans heavily conservative.  Right now, the Secretary of State's office says more than 30,000 registered Republicans in El Paso County have already voted, but that leaves over 100,000 Republican votes to be had. Lamborn's opponents are hoping to pull off an upset.

State Representative Dave Williams is considered the candidate most likely to unseat Lamborn. He's on the attack, both in his television ads against the 7-time incumbent Lamborn and in front of the cameras.

"Doug Lamborn, you really don't hear from him. You really don't see him leading on the most important issues of the day. He's as quiet as a church mouse," Williams has said.

Williams is not quiet. He's used those ads to portray a closeness to former President Donald Trump, something both he and Lamborn have in common. In one ad, Williams is even standing in front of a truck flying a Trump flag, with a bumper sticker that reads 'Liberals are f/n idiots'.

"There is definitely an attempt on my part to be in line with the voters that love the MAGA movement," Williams said.

Williams isn't the only one vying for Lamborn's seat, challenger Rebecca Keltie.

A navy veteran, Keltie is also running for the post. In addition to election integrity and securing the border, Keltie says she wants to focus on minimizing human trafficking and also helping veterans like herself.

She doesn't have the expensive TV ads, or name recognition, that Williams and Lamborn do.

"You can either vote for a candidate that wants to buy their way in, or you can vote for a candidate that is proving that they're on the ground with the people every single day working their tail off to earn their vote, not buy their vote," Keltie says.

Lamborn voted against certifying the Presidential Election results in 2020, something Williams and challenger Rebecca Keltie say they would have done too.

All three say they are pro-gun and pro-life.

Lamborn's campaign is currently airing a TV ad claiming that Williams was "fired by President Trump" while working for his Colorado campaign. Williams says that's a lie.

"I never worked for the man, I never worked for his campaign" Williams continued. "There was never any sort of a connection there. I did meet him. But I suspect that Doug Lamborn was upset because I told the President that his campaign team was failing him back in 2020."

KRDO reached out to Lamborn's campaign Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning asking to speak with the congressman for this story. On Wednesday, his campaign replied, asking to review questions. While KRDO sent questions to Lamborn's team, we were told he wasn't available. He's at a House Armed Services meeting in Washington D.C.

"I think we're going to have a strong election night, and I think a lot of people are going to be surprised next week," Williams added.

There is also a fourth candidate in this race, Andrew Heaton. He has not returned KRDO's requests for an interview or comment.

If Lamborn wins, this would be his 8th consecutive term.

Voters will have that choice when ballots are due in less than a week.

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Spencer Soicher

Spencer is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about him here.


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  1. What a choice – the devil you know or two devils you don’t know. What ever happened to our Moderates (or Centrists)? I guess that I’ll just have to hold my nose throw a dart!

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