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Travel Tip Thursday: tips on how to protect your car against potholes this spring

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Spring in Colorado means temperature swings and that leads to potholes.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, "potholes are caused by the expansion and contraction of groundwater under the pavement. When water freezes, it fills more space under the pavement, which then expands, bends, and cracks, weakening the road surface. When the ice melts, the pavement contracts, leaving gaps or voids underneath the surface. "

Watch the video above to hear from AAA explain how to avoid and prepare for damaging potholes.

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Natalie Haddad


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  1. Does this tip include not driving on roads maintained by CDOT and counties and cities that operate within the state of Colorado? I wasn’t violating lane usage, I was saving my vehicle’s suspension.

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