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‘She took him down with her,’ Colorado Springs woman charged with giving son lethal dose of fentanyl

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- Maria Davis-Conchie was back in an El Paso County room Thursday, accused of delivering a lethal dose of fentanyl to a 16-year-old. KRDO has learned that Davis-Conchie's alleged victim is her biological son.

Davis-Conchie, who is still in custody on a $100,000 bond, appeared before a judge, handcuffed and wearing an orange El Paso County Jail jumpsuit.

Her charges have changed since her arrest warrant was originally issued on February 16. Davis-Conchie was initially facing five charges, including child abuse resulting in injury, but that charge was dropped Thursday. An additional charge was downgraded from a level one felony, to a level two.

The case, however, is still active, and the Fourth Judicial District Attorney's Office could still add or upgrade the charges.

The 16-year-old's father, who preferred not to be named, spoke to KRDO Thursday. Davis-Conchie and the boy's father are not together. He said his son was a good kid, who had a good heart, was kind, and had good manners. The father said his son wanted to have a relationship with his mother, who has been in and out of jail during his life. He wanted her to clean up her life, the father said.

"He wanted to be important enough to her for her to clean up her life," the father shared. "But she took him down with her."

The father said he wasn't aware that his son and Davis-Conchie were spending time together. He said when he became aware that they were talking, he took the boy's phone away.

The boy struggled with an addiction to Xanax, the father said, and believed Davis-Conchie was providing it to him. He says they were unaware of any fentanyl usage.

The night before the 16-year-old was found dead, he was reportedly out with friends who later dropped him off at home. Police responded to the boy's home on the morning of January 31.

Police spoke with the other two boys, who told them they were sold the drugs by Davis-Conchie, who went by the name of 'CeCe.'

The teens told police they were first sold Xanax by Davis-Conchie and a man she was frequently with, multiple times over a year, starting in late 2020. They were reportedly unsure if Davis-Conchie had a prescription, or how she would acquire the controlled substance.

On the night of January 30, the boys told police they put their money together and bought four pills for $40 from Davis-Conchie.

"Maybe this will be what he always wanted," the father said. "She'll be clean, but behind bars."

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  1. How horrific and disgusting. But hey, that’s Colorado Springs now, apparently. Absolutely disgusting.

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