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Some Colorado Springs bars to no longer carry Russian-made spirits

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- At least 11 states, including Oregon, North Carolina and West Virginia, have banned the sale of Russian-made Vodka in response to the crisis in Ukraine.

But bar owners in Colorado Springs aren't waiting for Colorado to join the list.

Joey Campana owns several establishments in downtown Colorado Springs - the Rabbit Hole, Bonnie and Reed, Bonnie and Reed Sushi, Supernova West, Supernova Downtown, Stir Coffee and Shame and Regret.

Campana, who is set to open another bar downtown soon - says he wont be stocking any of his businesses with russian made products.

“We definitely won’t be carrying any Russian vodka especially now," he said. "We pride ourself on U.S. and local companies.”

Notable brands include labels such as Russian Standard, Beluga Noble, and Zyr.

But contrary to popular belief, imports of real Russian vodka account for just 1.3% of America's imports according to the Distilled Spirits Council.

That means that there will still be plenty of familiar brands available, including Absolut from Sweden, Ciroc and Grey Goose - both from France.

“Now we are being a little more conscientious about where we are sourcing our ingredients and making sure what we are doing is not supporting these people who have become tyrants and are ruining the lives of millions of people for the sake of power and greed,” Hannah Campana told KRDO News.

As for brands like Stoli and Smirnoff, they are not part of this current boycott. While they may sound Russian, they are distilled in Latvia and America, respectively.

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  1. I’ve seen many vodka brands that look/sound Russian, but I don’t know how many of them actually come from Russia (like the brands mentioned in the story). But it’s possible that some of them are Russian corporations making the vodka elsewhere, and I’d like to see those Russian companies boycotted as well as products actually made in Russia.

  2. Who actually carries those Russian brands? I haven’t seen them before at typical stores, only special order high end. Huh

  3. What Russia is doing in Ukraine is righteous and moral and is a necessary step to take out the Deep State, including the murdering pedophiles that rule Colorado by terror, and benefits us all. KRDO is among these, being a propaganda mouthpiece for these same murdering pedophiles.

    1. Speaking of being a(n ignorant) propaganda mouthpiece . . .
      What you say doesn’t even make any sense.

        1. So you are a communist. Good for you.
          Righteous….wow so …Killing innocent civilians, overthrowing a democratic government forcing their way on people, forcing people to live the Russian way. Um that is the deep state and very immoral.
          How is it necessary? So Putin can be the supreme leader? Rule with an iron fist.
          Have you ever been to Russia? It is an oppressed country, people are enslaved by fearing the govt, if they speak against the govt they are imprisoned and or killed. That is what needs to be brought down.

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