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Child hospitalizations due to COVID-19 more than doubled in the past week in Colorado


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said 58 children are in hospitals across Colorado this week with COVID-19 up from 25 last week, according to our news partners at 9News in Denver.

Children currently make up 4.5% of total hospitalizations in the state.

Health officials are attributing this spike to the rise in the Omicron variant and its high transmissibility. A pediatrician at Denver West Pediatrics said it's so contagious, several families are battling the Omicron variant after already having been infected with the Delta variant over Thanksgiving.

With kids returning to school this week, health officials still said the most effective protection against the virus is the vaccine, which is now available for children five and up. This week the FDA also approved the booster shot for ages 12-17.

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Riley Carroll

Riley is a weekend anchor and reporter for KRDO. Learn more about her here.



    1. What exactly is the lie? “The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said 58 children are in hospitals across Colorado this week with COVID-19 up from 25 last week.”
      Did George Soros hire child actors to fill those beds? Is the Health Department making up numbers for the fun of it? Are our surgeries getting canceled because the doctors have all the money they need? Are there real people in those graves and real ashes in those urns or has someone found a way to fake that as well?
      You will never know because you keep looking for proof of a conspiracy, and when you’re looking for lies to prove it, they’re everywhere. And as you say, the lies just keep spreading. Just like the virus. Alas.

      1. You have no idea what I am looking for…are you in my head? You printed exactly what the lie is. I trust nothing from the CDHE or WHO or CDC…haven’t from the beginning. I have posted facts to support this more than once. And the virus? Spreading? Of course it is its a natural progression for any virus. Fear has changed that though and if you like like being controlled…your thing. And if you got the “vax” your thing. I still believe in freedom of choice and the freedom not to be controlled by a bunch of politicians and phony Fraudci and phony facts. I have never said anything about a conspiracy or anything remotely close to what you suggest in my comments. My comments are based on common sense…critical thinking and real facts and not on fear. And when an article says we have a number of children…red flag…based on what? You keep believing they are “stemming the tide” of 15 days like they said two years ago…and you know who “they” are…as we are now in day…I believe 669. Have a great day!

          1. He has nothing better to do than accuse everyone who doesn’t agree with his ignorant point of view.

          2. mittens is cwa…and Checksters…the room in your head is expanding! And accuse? Come on Check…you are better than that aren’t you? Oh wait…don’t answer that question!

    2. they are stating in a related article that “PCR tests are the gold standard” in testing.
      I think I have posted this link before-the CDC admitting there are too many false positives from that test- the creator came out publicly and stated they are misusing the test completely. So as of 12/31/21 the CDC supposedly no longer will recognize a PCR test.

  1. COVID COVID COVID…what if it’s the flu? We will never know because the lies just keep spreading. I just don’t understand how PARENTS – of all people – could afford to be closed-minded. They’re responsible for the current and future health of their children. The problem that I observe is their naïve trust in government and doctors. Plus media manipulation has brainwashed them into blaming “anti-vaxxers.” When I point out that the only ones in our family infected with Covid right now are the vaccinated ones, it does not compute. I ask them if they remember when breakthrough infections were supposed to be rare. Crickets.
    How can a “vaccine” that prevents neither transmission nor infection contribute to herd immunity? This is not medicine, this is not science or even common sense. Not only are these injections completely unnecessary for children and adults they are extremely dangerous, despite all the evidence of harm being denied and covered up. In a sane world, this would never be allowed.

    1. “I just don’t understand how PARENTS – of all people – could afford to be closed-minded.”
      And so says the most closed-minded person in this forum.

  2. Regarding “the delusions exhibited by many of the vaccinated” let’s look at this pure fact. After being “fully vaccinated” a term that never existed previously, they still feel compelled to wear their masks, avoid people @ssumed to be sick even when they are not, and unquestioningly play along with the game of “mask on, mask off! Put it on, take it off, put it back on again!” And what is this nonsense about quarantining those who were *exposed* to a sick person, but not quarantining the sick person? Just shovel the exposed people away but let the sick walk around free. That is called “epidemiology” and oh, trust the experts. As if the government has any right to quarantine people. Caution belongs to the public, not the government.

  3. As FCN posted in another article prior to this coming out,
    Skewed statistics only are believed by the uninformed.
    Same song and dance, additionally, the more you require people to have to test, the more positive and negative tests will be yielded. Yet when they only report the positive tests it makes it look worse than it is, simple mathematics.

    1. I never look at positives, just at deaths, in the stats. Too many things skew it. People were told they could see family if they tested, so there was a huge surge in testing. Then there was a national shortage, so positives were probably underreported (my family just got it and I didn’t test). Symptoms will be lower with omicron so many won’t bother to test. There’s a lot of pressure not to be “that guy” that tests positive at work and makes everyone deal with it when they’d rather not isolate or quarantine, so you will get under-testing. But then omicron hits the news and people panic when they get sick, so you will get more testing. And for previous variants you had at least 5 sick for every positive test. But with omicron, if the vaccine isn’t working, you might have fewer asymptomatic cases so you’ll get a higher rate of positive tests. It’s just all over the place. What matters is 1) an increase in death stats or 2) an increase in social and system disruption. That’s what to look for. As for the stats on kids hospitalized, I don’t listen to Fauci when he is in opposition to what I think is factual and I don’t listen to him when he confirms my biases. Is he actually stating that every kid admitted to a hospital gets a COVID test on admission? Or is he just guessing? Sounds like he’s guessing. He is an unreliable source of info. If a kid is going in with a broken leg and then tests positive for COVID, it probably means he got it AT the hospital. So that’s it’s own issue!

      1. if you go to the hospital for ANYTHING they consider an “admittance” (which can be a 2 hour trip to the ER for a fall, another affliction, you are absolutely tested. So if you take your child to the ER for a broken arm-they WILL give them a COVID test- with the PCR SUPPOSEDLY NOT BEING VALID after 12/31/21. Mostly due to the PCR test giving a positive covid result for flu for cold, for commonly found adenovirii normally present in the nasal turbinates.

        1. If you go to the ER you are not being admitted to the hospital. You often have to wait for a “bed”, for example, so you are not admitted until you have a room. It would be good if the stories made it clear whether these were admissions for COVID or admissions where COVID tests came up positive. But I’m not taking Fauci’s weird explanations as fact on anything in this pandemic, so I’m not believing him on this one.

    2. thank you for re-posting that link.
      It’s highly applicable ANTI-propaganda-showing the truth.
      Again I was at Memorial getting treatment this AM and again-if asked or stated to directly,
      they admit the issues are STAFFING ISSUES.
      Since every breathing employee there is at least double-jabbed-omicron has them staying home in droves-like the couch potatoes they want to be-
      at the expense of Memorial staffing issues.
      Payback is a beotch.
      My jab = your trashed scheduling

  4. In the partner story, ““We’ve now seen a number of kids, unfortunately, getting COVID multiple times. We’ve had a few families, if you can believe it, that had delta infections in November at Thanksgiving. Then literally after recovering from delta, they go into a new set of omicron cases.”’

    Well, no, I can’t believe it. Because we don’t normally test for variants. So there’s no way to know that they had the delta variant and now have the omicron variant, that’s just speculation based on them being sick twice. This kind of nonscientific statement is why there is so much distrust.

    1. No we don’t normally test for variants, But when an abnormal change occurs is when they do start testing for variants. Medical people want to learn, despite what some non-medical people want everyone else to believe, because learning doesn’t support their viewpoint. So you or richierich not believing the facts doesn’t change them.

      1. So a family gets COVID in November, then comes back with COVID in January. I can see they might have tested and it was Omicron the second time (might have, or he might just be as suming that, also). But why would they have tested in November? The doctor was speculating, and his logic is tautological. He’s probably right, that’s probably what happened, but he doesn’t know it happened. When the second round came about, that was the best guess he had with the info he has, that it was a second variant. But you can’t use your educated guess to reinforce that very guess, you can’t say, “The only thing that makes sense is that it was a second variant, therefore it must have been a second variant, therefore I’m going to say this is evidence that what we are seeing is people getting a second variant.” Again, I imagine that is the explanation, but the way he is presenting it is a demonstration of how even our health are professionals are throwing logic and method out the window and just running with whatever their chosen political tribe believes. It’s ruining our nation, no one is pursuing the truth on any “side”, they just want to confirm their bias and strengthen their brand. So I find it ironic that in the quote he literally says “can you believe it”. No, I can’t believe it, because it would be irrational to believe he has that information. If I found out that for some reason there was a test of variants in November for this family, then I’d believe him.

        1. You may be right. But do you have any better suggestions? What the doctor says makes sense, and it’s based on his educated best judgement, which is how most medical decisions are made. No doctors know everything. They rely on their experience and education to make good judgements. And the more of them they make, the better educated they become, because they depend on learning as they go. For people in the medical world, life is a continuous learning experience if you live it right.

          1. Yes, but in a country with about 400,000 deaths from medical error (not misjudgment, actual preventable error) every year, we have a clear problem with our doctors and the feedback loop you reference. Confirmation bias is a stronger and stronger factor in a population that is treated as if they are superior to others, and in a country with an expanding medical field you are getting more and more “C” students becoming doctors who then think they know better than everyone else. They don’t take feedback. They don’t use scientific methodology. They don’t even get logic much of the time. And with this quote the doctor is demonstrating that, he is stating as a fact something that is speculation. He will then use that “fact” to inform his professional judgment in the next situation where he has incomplete information. The whole medical field ebbs and flows based on herd mentality, often top down from professional organizations and government agencies. Look at what happened with oxy, you had a nation of doctors who were told that you can’t get hooked on painkillers if you are actually in pain, and they believed it. Because once your colleagues bought into it, you did, also. This isn’t all doctors, but it’s a real factor in America and we need to fight it. It’s killing us in this pandemic, because doctors become unreliable advisors and then that feeds every quack political movement out there. That’s what i’m trying to say.

  5. Ok…0.4% of the population, that supposedly got reinfected, were probably misdiagnosed cold or flu infections. I personally convinced 3 people who tested positive in 2020 for Covid-19 to get tested for the Flu and all 3 tested positive for the flu. They retested for covid-19 and came back negative. These test are very inaccurate. The PCR test were so over amplified that anything would cause a false positive. The antigen test are 50% accurate at best. Students, around the world, have figured out how to create a false positive result for the Abbott-Rapid-Antigen-Test just so they can get out of school. The entire testing and vaccination thing is a joke. Let’s all go back to the days when if you have no symptoms you are NOT sick. We’ve literally gone crazy over testing.

    Our fearless leader claims they had no idea they would need this many test so quickly. DUUH!!! The idiot mandated all employers with more than 100 employees would require everyone to get vaccinated or be tested weekly. That alone was going to cause testing shortages. We knew of this omnicron variant over 2 months ago and that it nearly doubles the number of cases every 36 hours. How could anyone not have predicted a testing shortage??? I predicted it. I bought 8 test the day they hit the shelves KNOWING that we would run out. If I know this, how in the heck does the president of the USA not know it?? It’s a disgrace. The USA is the laughing stock of the world right now.

    1. You’re correct that the USA is the laughing stock of the world right now, because of the number of people who refuse to follow the science for the good of their country, and instead resort to their distorted personal beliefs.

      1. Just keep coming up with those Check…for the good of the country? Which country Check? The one your ilk is trying to build or the one that insures freedom for all of us to make our own choices for our own good and not the good of the tyrannical leaders who are trying to force this ” scamdemic” and “vax” upon us? Nice try for one who said he served his country. A patriot would never spew the claims you make. And yes….I went there…report me!

        1. You really are stupid. None of our leaders are trying to force anything that isn’t real on any of us. It’s because of idiots like you that some things need to be mandated, so the rest of us don’t have to suffer because of your ignorance. Perhaps you would do things differently, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing if it’s for the common good. But when you can’t recognize good right in front of you, there’s a problem.

          1. Wow…I am really deep inside that head of yours Checksters…all you have left is your childish name calling…not so good form Check! Just keep them coming! You are really showing your true self and who you really are as a human being. And the good in front of me? Thank God it’s not you!

  6. Strong men bring good times

    Good times bring weak men

    Weak men bring bad times

    Bad times bring strong men

    History repeats itself.

    1. Lol.
      Here’s hoping you and the other weak links don’t need a hospital any time soon. Sincerely, Richie. Take care.

      1. Won’t and don’t need one sumdaze. A hospital…now way in hail would any of us even come remotely close to a hospital!. Family had the COVID…we are healthy…mild strain…no big deal…chased the “dangerous” omicron away with over the counter and Kleenex…as did my family and other acquaintances of mine so there you have it! For us…my family and the other weak links as you say…fear strikes out!

        1. I’d like to see you attempt to remove your own appendix if necessary. Or attempt to fix the inability to breathe, if you because so inflicted. You are just ignorant about medical matters, it’s not surprising that you keep falling for these quacks who promote fake Covid cures.

          1. What are you trying to say Check? Such deep deep thought coming from you…not really. You have no idea who I am…what I think or how I live…except for me being in your head all the time now! I don’t need to fix my inability to breathe…I have a doctor. I do not need an ER or hospital doctor or nurse. Why? Because from the beginning they have been following the “Fraudci” way…which usually leads to death. From heroes to zeroes in a very short time because they refuse putting poison in their bodies and believe me…they have certainly done their research. And all those quacks you say…have kept me healthy through this “scamdemic”. As I have said in the past…since you are taking such an immature approach to your comments to me…Sticks and Stones Check!

  7. I wonder how many new prescriptions for SSRI anti depressants have been foisted upon the young during this time? They also increase suicide rates. A twofer for big pharma. These are your children people! Their mental health is in serious jeopardy.

    1. a doctor gave my son Abilify when he was only about 15.
      It permanently scre wed up his brain/thinking in some ways.
      Many years later a cl*ss action suit came out about this drug but it was too much time p*ssed to get justice for my son.
      I do not have a high respect for doctors. I do TONS of my own research and often go to my oncologist with a list of inquiries. It’s as important for YOU to ask questions as it is for your doctor to ask you questions.

      1. Yes it is important to ask questions Fcn2.0…I was doing that until my physician would no longer answer them and help me with what I needed…so I have a new physician who listens intently to my concerns and doesn’t force his agenda on me.

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