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Student brings weapon to Fountain Middle School, student and father charged


FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KRDO) -- A juvenile was taken into custody after he was found with a weapon at Fountain Middle School.

Friday morning, School Administration and School Resource Officers at Fountain Middle School were alerted that a student was possibly in possession of a weapon at school.

According to the Fountain Police Department, the weapon was confiscated and the student was taken into police custody. He was later transferred to Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center.

Police confirm the juvenile will face charges.

According to FPD, all students, staff, and Fountain community members are safe. Based on the initial investigation, police determined there was "no threat to the school, nor any intent to harm."

Officers learned the juvenile obtained the weapon from his residence, where his father did not have the weapon lawfully and securely stored. The juvenile's father has also been charged.

FPD told KRDO further information will be released by the district and the department.

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  1. I hope the cops charged that parents and I hope the judge does his job and puts them in prison. Somehow I doubt it. Parents need to be held accountable for their children.

    1. Sure, just what the system needs. Clogged our prisons up with non-violent offenders. There should be some punishment. Not sure what the weapon was the kid brought to school. To me, a weapon is a gun, but the article didn’t say that. There are numerous types of weapons. It did indicate the weapons wasn’t stored, but it did not actually say gun. This is kind of odd to me, since most times, “gun” is the very first thing mentioned. Was it a gun?

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