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Pueblo’s Comanche 3 Power Plant to close 6 years earlier than planned


PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- Pueblo's Comanche 3 Power Plant is set to close six years ahead of schedule. According to our news partners, the decision was made by county commissioners and the Public Service Company of Colorado, the parent company for Xcel Energy.

According to The Pueblo Chieftain, Comanche 3 will close by December 31, 2034. In February, officials said operations would shut down by 2040.

By closing the plant, the Public Service Company will exceed the state's new requirement for dropping coal-fired emissions by 75% but fall short of the company's target of 90%.

The Chieftain reports workers will be able to stay with the company, and they will receive assistance with transitioning to other plants.

The agreement also carries a commitment by the company to invest $680 million into a new, clean energy power plant. Right now, Xcel Energy is considering where Comanche 1, 2, and 3, are currently located as well as other sites in Pueblo County.

Read more on the development reported by The Pueblo Chieftain by clicking here.

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  1. Soon to follow: Pueblo utility bills increase sooner than scheduled.
    Feels from Colorado Springs; yo.

    1. The Comanche power plant doesn’t directly provide power for Pueblo. Pueblo receives its electricity from Black Hills Energy, not from Xcel Energy (Comanche’s owner/operator).

  2. You will see utility hikes like never before, and then we will have a big freeze and no one will have power for weeks, just like what happened in TX… Does anyone realize all the energy it takes to make solar products, ya green numb nuts.

  3. Better start thinking about moving to a warmer climate – as the green wave freaks have no idea how to provide power when the sun don’t shine.

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